X Core’s stable version is now live

Today is a big day for everyone at Internxt. We started building our innovative infrastructure over a year ago, and, after going through our alpha and beta launches, we are proud to say that our first app is now live. X Core lets anybody earn money by hosting end-to-end encrypted bits of files, thus being part of a revolutionary decentralized network of machines that are spread all over the world. By joining X Core, you can start earning a passive income by letting this very light app run in the background of your computer. The stable version of X Cloud is also expected to be released in the next few weeks already.

With X Core, payouts to Hosts are sent once a month in our own cryptocurrency, INXT, and if everything is well set up, it will usually take a few days until you start receiving data in your node. As a very rough average, nodes get around $0,02 per GB used by the network every month. Our network chooses nodes based on their uptime, network speed, latency, and disk space available, amongst others. Payouts are determined relative to how other Hosts perform. 70% of the payout is dependent on how much data is stored in your node, and 30% depends on how many Internxt tokens you hold (you don’t need to hold INXT to get paid as a Host, but it will help you boost the amount of money you receive).

You can learn how to correctly set up X Core here, and learn how to buy and set up an INXT wallet address here. Finally, you can click here to learn how you are being a force of positive change in the environment by being part of our revolutionary ecosystem! Thanks for being so awesome.