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Stonewalls Around The World

InterPod Episode 3

The InterPride podcast series, InterPod, is proud to launch our 3rd episode, Stonewalls Around The World.

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The LGBTQIA+ community has come a long way in the fight for acceptance. Our voices matter and will be heard. Many of our LGBTQIA+ community members have fought for decades for the right to be seen, and heard. Our history as a community is so important to recognize the struggles of those before us. Countries around the world have experienced Stonewalls, whereas some have not. Hear from people in different parts of the world on how their Stonewall Riot moment happened (or has yet to and why).

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Speaker Biographies

Guest speakers include Dede Oetomo, Thearo Nuch, Raquel Willis, Emmanuel Temores, and Robyn Kennedy.

Dede Oetomo (he/him)

Dede Oetomo: Dédé Oetomo is an independent scholar, educator and activist in research, education and advocacy in the fields of language and society, HIV & AIDS and sexuality, mainly as Trustee at GAYa NUSANTARA Foundation (, which hosts the Coalition for Sexual & Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR;, and as Chair of the Regional Advisory Group of APCOM Foundation. Academically, he is an adjunct senior lecturer at Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Thearo Nuch (he/him)

Thearo Nuch works as a playlist curator and music content promoting. Outside of his full-time scope of works, he’s an LGBTQIA+ advocate and video podcast emcee. Thearo is motivated by a desire to impact society and advocate based on his experiences his experiences to make positive changes in our communities.

Raquel Willis (she/her/hers)

Raquel Willis is a Black transgender activist, award-winning writer, and media strategist dedicated to elevating the dignity of marginalized people, particularly Black transgender people. She has held ground-breaking posts throughout her career, including director of communications for the Ms. Foundation, Executive Editor of Out magazine, and national organizer for Transgender Law Center (TLC).

In 2018, she founded Black Trans Circles, a project of TLC, focused on developing the leadership of Black trans women in the South and Midwest by creating healing justice spaces to work through oppression-based trauma and incubating community organizing efforts to address anti-trans murder and violence. During her time at Out, she published the Trans Obituaries Project to highlight the epidemic of violence against trans women of color and developed a community-sourced 13-point framework to end the epidemic. This project won a GLAAD Media Award.

Raquel is a thought leader on gender, race, and intersectionality. She’s experienced in online publications, organizing marginalized communities for social change, non-profit media strategy, and public speaking while using digital activism as a major tool of resistance and liberation. She will be releasing her debut memoir about her coming of identity and activism with St. Martin’s Press in 2022. Born and raised in Augusta, GA, Raquel has a loving mother who supports her in all of her work. She is also the youngest child in her family and has a brother, two nieces, and three nephews. She credits the passing of her late father as the catalyst for her transition and career.

Raquel has always believed in the power of storytelling. After graduating with a B.A. in magazine journalism and a minor in gender studies from the University of Georgia in 2013, she began as a news reporter at the Walton Tribune in Monroe, GA. She quickly took her storytelling, writing, and advocacy talents to the digital world and began to uplift grassroots organizing efforts in Atlanta, GA. She worked on behalf of the Solutions Not Punishments Collaborative to end police profiling of transgender women of color and mass incarceration. She worked with others on a campaign to implement a pre-arrest diversion program in Atlanta.

She also successfully led the Atlanta Trans Liberation Tuesday mobilization effort with the larger Black Lives Matter network. Her dedication to trans advocacy opened the door to her work at TLC in Oakland, CA. Her writing has featured Essence, Bitch magazine, VICE, Buzzfeed, Autostraddle, ForHarriet, HuffPost, PRIDE, and Quartz. In January 2017, she was a speaker at the National Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and discussed the necessary inclusion of women and people on the margins in social justice movements.

Further, Raquel was in the pilot cohort of Channel Black, a media organizing and training arm of the Movement for Black Lives. She was also the final host of Black Girl Dangerous Media’s BGD Podcast, discussing pop culture and current events from an intersectional lens. She was also a member of the 2017 Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle through Auburn Seminary. This year, she also joined Echoing Ida, national Black women, and nonbinary writers’ collective. That year, she was also named to ESSENCE’s Woke 100 Women, which honored “the women who are blazing trails for equal rights and inclusion for Black people in America” and The Root 100, an annual list of the most influential African Americans, ages 25 to 45.

In 2018, Raquel was named an Open Society Foundations Soros Equality Fellow through which she developed Black Trans Circles. She was also awarded the Emerging Leader Award by the San Francisco Transgender Day of Visibility Committee and was named to the Frederick Douglass 200, a list of people who best embody the spirit and work of Frederick Douglass, for her influence as a public feminist. That year, she was also named a Jack Jones Literary Arts Sylvia Rivera Fellow.

  • In 2019, Raquel was named to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts YBCA 100 list and the ESSENCE’s Woke 100 Women for the second time.
  • In 2020, Raquel was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 and The Root 100 for a second time.
  • In 2021, Raquel was named to the University of Georgia’s 40 Under 40 and Fast Company’s Queer 50.

Raquel also used her platform to raise funds for Black-led LGBTQ+ initiatives and served on advisory boards for Borealis Philanthropy’s Fund for Trans Generations and the Roddenberry Foundation.

Emmanuel Temores (he/him/his)

InterPride’s 2021 Outstanding Volunteer Award winner!

Robyn Kennedy (she/her/hers)

Robyn Kennedy is a member of the Management Committee of Australian Pride organization First Mardi Gras Inc. and a former member of the Board of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. She has a long history of involvement in Pride and LGBQTI rights activism as well as broader social justice and human rights issues.

Robyn’s career has included senior roles in government, the not for profit sector and consultancy, with a focus on addressing social inequity and disadvantage. Robyn is a frequent international speaker and writer on LGBTQI rights issues, with a focus on grassroots action. Robyn was the 2018 recipient of ACON’s prestigious Community Hero Award in recognition of her contribution to advancing the rights of LGBTQI communities. She has also been recognized for her contribution to LGBTQI and women’s rights by the National Library of Australia in their collection of audio oral histories of distinguished Australians.

For InterPride, Robyn has represented Region 20 on the Global Advisory Council and Co-Chairs the Human Rights and Diversity Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. Over the last few years, Robyn has worked to better engage Region 20 in InterPride. In 2020, she established Oceania Pride which brings together the 20 countries of the region including those where homosexuality remains illegal.

Music Credits

Kai Mata (she/her/hers)

Kai Mata is an Indonesian Singer-Songwriter with a modern, quirky-folk charm and a vulnerable lyricism that intertwine to cultivate connection. With an emphasis on truthful storytelling, her shows are not solely performance but also where audiences are invited into the world of sunlight to shadows.

Her 2018 debut album, Time to Shine, brought her folksy beats to tour in the U.S. She shared her experiences discovering adulthood and love, showcasing her songwriting as for her medium for expressive communication.

In 2019, she stepped into the role of a pioneer for the LGBTQ+ Community in Indonesia with her Pride Anthem, “So Hard,” a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek song inviting respect for same-sex relationships and paying homage to synth-pop yet rooted in choral harmonies. Though her single and accompanying music video sparked national controversy and backlash, the support from international media and her inclusion in NYC World Pride 2019 carries her forward.

Since then, Kai Mata has opened for Indonesian pop-star Vidi Aldiano, performed at festivals and events worldwide (Ubud Readers & Writers, BaliSpirit, Sonic Bloom, Women’s March Bali), and has been launched into the spotlight as Indonesia’s openly LGBTQ+ Musician. Currently, she works on her second album, which holds presence by exploring new themes and genres while still anchored in her unifying message of love.

Music: “I am Me and More”


MUSIC Credit: Songwriting: XANG HEANG Producer: Mr. Roy x SloMo Mixed Mastered: SloMo, Mr.Roy Vocalist: XANG HEANG Felix Séa — សៀ ហ្វីលិក្ស TingTong-និមិត្ត Guitar: Mr.Roy

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Michelle also produces programs at the iconic Commonwealth Club, where she has also serves on their Board of Governors. There she is dedicated to conversations around social justice with an intersectional lens. She has interviewed notable thought-leaders such as Olympic medalist Adam Rippon, NFL’s first out LGBTQ coach Katie Sowers, first American woman in space, and Sally Ride’s widow Tam O’Shaughnessy. Since 2006, Michelle has been a co-host of the San Francisco Pride Parade broadcast and she was the President of their Board of Directors from 2014–2018. She is a self-described LGBTQI+ history geek, information sponge, and a lover not a fighter.

Michelle shares, “Exchanging thoughtful dialogue can create change. We are all different, but in our differences, we find similarities and hope. Exchanging thoughtful dialogue can create change we all seek in humanity.”

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