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Happy Pride Month! 🌈

May & June 2022 InterPride Newsletter

InterPride May — June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to “How To Pride” with InterPride! Pride occurs at different times around the world, and InterPride is continuing to celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ this June of 2022. InterPride recognizes that the nature of Pride gatherings is influenced by political, social, and cultural contexts including constraints imposed by at-risk environments.

*SOGIESC = Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions, and Sex Characteristics

Call For Proposals!

Do you have a workshop proposal for the upcoming Annual General Meeting & World Conference (GM&WC)? Submit now!

InterPride is proud to announce the most recent Solidarity Fund Grant Program Awardees for 2022! Congratulations to our award recipients and thank you to our amazing volunteers who invested their own time in deciding the award applications! Interested in applying for a grant? InterPride’s Solidarity and Humanitarian Aid Fund Grant applications are accepted all year round. Please click here to learn more about the InterPride Global Grant Fund Programs.

June 2022 Pride Collection!

Check out our newest product line at the InterPride store! Don’t forget to Snap a picture and share it under the hashtag #WearInterPride!Donor Circle & Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in our Donor Circle or Partnership Opportunities? Reach out, and we can discuss these very exciting programs with you!

Questions about our programs? Please feel free to email

Donate to InterPride

Want to add your event to the Pride Calendar? Let us know what your Pride plans are!

Upcoming Important Dates:

InterPride is accepting bid applications to host WorldPride 2026. The deadline for submitting bids to the WorldPride Committee is June 29, 2022. Once bids are received, the Committee will consider them, and compliant bids will then be sent to the Board and Membership for a vote at this year’s General Meeting & World Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. More information is available at, including the requirements and process for submitting a bid. If your organization is planning to bid, please contact the WorldPride Committee as soon as possible at

Statement from InterPride

If you think that the possible, and according to a recent draft Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) opinion leak, probable overturn of Roe v. Wade is just a United States (U.S.) issue that will only affect very conservative states, we urge you to think again. Click here to read more.

Skagen Celebrates Pride Month!

In celebration of Pride 2022, Skagen is donating 100% of its proceeds from the sale of their Pride collection (excluding shipping and taxes) to InterPride to support our mission. Click here to learn more!

Digital Realty Celebrates Pride Month!

Digital Realty joins InterPride to celebrate Pride month as a contributing partner for InterPride’s “How To Pride” Month campaign! Click here to learn more about Digital Realty!

InterPride’s Global Grant Fund Programs Relaunch!

The Solidarity and Humanitarian Aid Fund Grant Programs are BACK! InterPride Global Grant Fund programs will be continuous and revolving! So you can apply all year round. Click here to learn more about our grant opportunities.

Monkeypox Advisory For Pride Organizers

Communities in the global south have been impacted by monkeypox for many years. In most cases, monkeypox is a mild infection that clears up on its own within two to four weeks after initial symptoms appear. The virus that causes monkeypox can be passed from person to person by close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated items like bedding. Click here for more info.

Signup Today To Become A Member Of InterPride

We welcome any LGBTQIA+ organization that produces Pride events for their greater community as one of its purposes or activities. Pride events may include a parade, march, rally, festival, arts festival, cultural activity, event or activity organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay Men, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities. Signup today!


News from European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA): Pride organizations from Lisbon (Portugal) and Magdeburg (Germany) are competing for the right to host EuroPride in 2025! The vote will take place during EPOA’s Annual General Meeting being held October 7–9, 2022 in Torino, Italy. Click here to read more.

Cultural Competence vs. Cultural Humility

Premiers Saturday, 04 June at 12:00 am GMT on InterPride’s YouTube and Facebook channels. It features Richard Brethour-Bell (he/him), V.P. Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Marsha H. Levine (she/her), V.P. Global Outreach & Partnership, and Nicholas Rodriguez (he/him), V.P. Global Outreach & Partnership! Topics of Discussion: What does it mean to be culturally competent? What is cultural humility? This program is part of InterPride’s Racism & Oppression Awareness Program.

Silence to Solidarity Global Concert REPLAY!

Three chances to watch the REPLAY of our Silence to Solidarity Global Concert in June 2022! Premier Streamed Live On Facebook and YouTube!
15 June 2022 at 3pm GMT | 11am EDT | 8am PDT
20 June 2022 at 9pm GMT | 5pm EDT | 2pm PDT
25 June 2022 at 8am GMT | 4am EDT | 1am PDT

Strategic Plan 2022–2024

The overall goal of the Strategic Plan is to advance the global Pride movement.
1. Implement a new organizational model
2. Increase funding for grants and operations
3. Enhance and grow stakeholder operations
4. Improve the organization’s operations
5. Increase organization capacity by transitioning the Board’s role from operations to governance (Click Here to Read More)

In Case You Missed It!

The biggest news hits from May 2022.

Conversion Therapy for LGBTQIA+ people is banned in Greece

Conversion therapy is a practice that aims to suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, as well as health experts all over the world, have condemned the practice as being harmful. Last month Greece banned conversion therapy for minors. Click here to read more!

Ukraine War Transforming LGBTQIA+ Rights

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community within Ukraine see Putin’s invasion of their home country as a two-fold fight: for their freedom as Ukrainians and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Click here to read more!

Thank you for the support of our Partners

Thank you for the support of our member benefit partners

This year, Happy Socks wants to make a direct impact on supporting the LGBTQI+ community rather than creating a catchy and colorful pride campaign. InterPride will receive 10% of the profits from all products in the Happy Socks Pride Collection sold throughout 2022. Shop Now!

In 2022, Queerencia will manage InterPride’s official online store and become a member-benefit partner. Queerencia and InterPride’s goal is to teach others about Queer history, promote equality, and build more inclusive settings where everyone may be their authentic selves through this relationship.

InterPride supports being seen as your authentic self. So we’ve teamed up with Notch to allow everyone to create their own personalized charm bracelet. Notch has a wide range of notch charms in their LGBTQIA+ Pride collection.

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InterPride is a global network of over 300 Pride organizations from 70+ countries, connecting and coordinating the efforts of all Prides on every continent.

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