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InterPride Board Nominees

Two Board nominees will be voted on by membership.

Vice-President, Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion

Nominee: Richard Brethour-Bell


  • Educator & Public Speaker
  • InterPride, Human Rights & Diversity Co-Chair
  • El Paso Sun City Pride, Director of Community Outreach
  • New Mexico Corrections Department — Health Services
  • Bureau,Training & Development Specialist

Richard was raised in South Central Los Angeles, California. At age 12, he became one of the few inner-city students chosen to attend school in the affluent West San Fernando Valley of L.A. County. After graduating high school, Richard could not afford to attend college. However, the dream of becoming a college graduate never left him.

After struggling with his sexuality for decades, Richard began to live his authentic life in his 30s. He met his partner James Brethour in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008, and the two married in James’ native Toronto, Canada in 2010. They now live in Los Alamos, NM.

The moment Richard accepted his truth, he began to fight for equality. He spoke before the New Mexico State Senate, demanding the right to marry, after witnessing friends lose their homes and financial security when a partner died. He joined the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance (HRA), the organization that produces Santa Fe Pride, and became president. The organization created a LBGT+ Presidential Scholarship for the local community college. In addition to leading the HRA, Richard has served as Region 3 director, CAPI VP, and World Pride Co-Chair.

Richard and James started a small business, and Richard completed college, earned a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, received a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Disabilities (LEND) fellowship, and is now in the process of completing a Special Education Teaching certification. He currently works for the New Mexico Corrections Department’s Health Services Bureau. There, Richard provides workshops for inmates and their families on Substance Use Disorders, Opioid Overdose Prevention, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Cultural Humility, and a variety of other topics, in a combined effort with the Department of Health to reduce overdose deaths, and recidivism. Richard’s public speaking extends outside of his secular position. He has given workshops on Implicit Bias Awareness, Rainbow Racism, Misandry and Misogyny, and Autism and the LGBT+ Community to multiple pride organizations, businesses, and schools, domestic and international.

Vice-President, Global Outreach and Partnerships Management

Nominee: Nicolás Rodríguez Vásquez


This time, humbly, I am applying for Vice President Global Outreach. I let myself so clear that I´ve never had a position in InterPride before, just the only member of interPride in my country (since 2018). But, let me give you a brief summary of my life and activism. I am 42 years old; I came out of the closet when I turned 19. At that precise moment, my family rejected me from home. Being alone, I tried to find information on LGBTIQ matters in Spanish, that was a challenge. For that reason, I promise to myself to create a web in Spanish with LGBTIQ resources. In the meantime, I finished my journalism, as an advertiser, career; then I founded EL SALVADOR G, our LGBTIQ news media; I started to cover AIDS world conferences in Spanish, and the Gay Games in Spanish. Suddenly I took the Pride logistic work in San Salvador, creating the Pridefest, call to action events, doing rainbow crosswalk, putting bigs flags on iconic buildings, etc. Soon I got an internship with Los Angeles LGBTI Center in 2012. Years later I did a self-Internship with Heritage of Pride/NYC in 2016; in that moment I discovered InterPride, my worldwide family, becoming a member in 2018. Since then I helped my Latino colleague start to create a virtual gathering of Latino countries Pride organizers’ group (by the moment we call ourself OLA — Orgullo Latinoamerica), and constantly we encourage everyone of them become a full members of InterPride.

In 2020, in quarantine pandemic year, we made Orgullo en Casa, a local versión of “virtual global pride” for El Salvador, then in 2021, knowing that pandemic is not going away, we made Pride March with social distance, but at the same time we broadcast all the march on internet for all people could watch from their homes.

Now, I realize all my skills, knowledge, and experience put me in this moment, where I feel ready to work for my global InterPride family in a Vice President position, if you all think that I could do a great job, on that level.

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