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We can’t wait to share the exceptional talent we have in store for you.

Our Silence to Solidarity Global Concert is just days away, and we can’t wait to share the exceptional talent we have in store for you.

Our headliner is NETTA!

Some other talented individuals you can look forward to seeing include:

Tune in this Saturday, March 19, 2022, at 9:00 PM GMT | 2:00 PM PST | 5:00 PM EST for a fantastic show and an opportunity to help us support the global LGBTQIA+ community and our partners in Ukraine.

You don’t have to wait until Saturday to donate. Click here to donate now. That will help us continue to support our community all over the world.

To stay up to date on everything related to the show, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to register on our Facebook event page!

Where can you view the concert? Click on the links below!

Revry —

Facebook —

Twitch —

YouTube —

Watch the official Silence to Solidarity Global Concert Trailer!




InterPride’s mission is to achieve legal, social, and cultural equity for SOGIESC communities through the Pride movement.

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Advancing The Global Pride Movement. Licensor of WorldPride. Producer of InterPod by InterPride podcast.

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