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Pride Collection 2022

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Design Process

When I was creating these designs, I wanted to create something a bit different than the usual pride designs out there. I believe that the word PRIDE and the phrase LOVE IS LOVE in itself does a great job representing the LGBTQIA+ community and movement. By having this perspective, I was able to play more around with the different tones of the pride rainbow symbol. Even though these designs do not have all the colors of the pride rainbow symbol, they resemble elements of it while showcasing the essence of the LGBTQIA+ community and movement.

- Raul Chaidez


The phrase “Love Is Love” represents that anyone can love another regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Nobody should be judged for who they love. Our intent with this design is to represent loving more. As you can see from the news and from your own personal experience, we need more LOVE in the world.

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Pride for us means being bold and proud of who we are. Thus, with this design, we are creating something bold and eye-catching that represents the Pride movement!

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