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San Diego 2023 Conference Update On Hotel

Status Update

Greetings Pride Organizers,

Many folks have had trouble booking the hotel for the days prior and/or the days after the conference, including the Tuesday before the caucuses begin on Wednesday morning.

We are so sorry for these challenges; to be clear, our contract with the hotel includes lower rates for the days before and after the conference, and we’re not sure why this is not showing up when folks try to book their stays.

The host hotel should have rooms available for us on these days, despite the booking site saying otherwise! The San Diego team is working with the Westin Gaslamp to resolve the issue.

Sit tight! We don’t anticipate folks having to book other hotels or Airbnb’s for those days before or after. If and when the hotel sells out, we’ll offer suggestions for other accommodations, but that should not be the case.

Please stay tuned for additional updates!

Thank you for your enthusiasm for San Diego! We truly can’t wait to have you!

San Diego Pride

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