Solidarity Fund Impact Report 2022

18 grant awards totaling USD $19,450 during 2022!

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5 min readDec 27, 2022


About InterPride’s Funding Programs

There are a total of three (3) grant financing programs available through InterPride. These programs are divided into two distinct categories, namely, organizational support funds and individual support funds. Both the Solidarity Fund and the Humanitarian Fund are available to organizations. The Scholarship Fund is open to applications from individuals. Every dollar is doled out in response to genuine requirements.

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About InterPride’s Solidarity Fund

InterPride is committed to supporting the development and growth of Pride events around the world. One of the main ways we do this is through our Solidarity Fund.

Today, many LGBTQIA+ persons and communities face discrimination and injustice in every corner of the globe. Obtaining financial backing for even very minor public activities and events is notoriously difficult in many parts of the world.

The Solidarity Fund is a program of InterPride that aims to fill this void. The Grant Committee’s goal is to give the money that has been donated voluntarily by InterPride members, sponsors, and partners to groups who are working to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ people and increase tolerance and acceptance of them. The committee accomplishes this by providing financial support to local Pride or Pride like events worldwide, with particular attention paid to regions where openly gay or lesbian gatherings are met with hostility.

Since its inception in 2013, the fund has distributed funds to support the organization of an LGBTQIA+ film festival in Macedonia, a large-scale LGBTQIA+ wedding in the Philippines, and Pride celebrations in Uganda and the Bahamas.

We increased the Solidarity Fund’s size in 2015. We advertised the opening internationally and invited applications from all interested parties. To help direct our expansion, examine our methods, and provide sound decision making, we assembled a committee of volunteers to review applications from unique backgrounds.

Many international Pride organizer’s with experience supporting LGBTQIA+ communities and organizations are represented on the Grants Committee.

Our innovative procedure, financing outcomes, and suggestions for further fund development are all summarized in this report. The outstanding contributions of volunteers and donors to the Solidarity Fund are also recognized in the report.

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Application Languages

The Committee reviewed applications in 4 languages to include English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Application Regions

The Committee was pleased to see 55 applications from 7 regions around the world, including Nairobi, Uganda, India, Jamaica, China, Brazil, and many others.

Grant Awards By Region

Sadly, due to limited funds, the committee was not able to fund all the applications that met the criteria. An initial review of the applications screened out all those who had incomplete applications including those without references. The Co-Chairs reviewed all 55 applications and shortlisted approximately 30 applications.

Grant Amounts

The final number of recommended applicants was 18 with a total grant amount of USD $19,450.

Number of Grants Per Amount

  • $600 | 1
  • $750 | 1
  • $800 | 2
  • $1,000 | 5
  • $1,100 | 1
  • $1,200 | 7
  • $2,000 | 1

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Grantees for 2022

The following are 18 successful grantees for 2022

  • Savie Asbl NGO LGBT PGEL (Congo) | $800 to cover the costs of a community gathering on International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia as well as the Trans Day of Remembrance.
  • Key Watch (Ghana) | $1,000 to support costs related to a film screening/theatre on Intersex and Transgender rights.
  • Kisumu Shinners (Kenya) | $1,000 to support a “Love is love” entertainment festival in western Kenya.
  • QueerCity Media and Productions (Nigeria) | $800 to support a Pride event in Lagos.
  • Club des 7 Jours (Togo) | $800 to support a film screening & boost self-esteem of the local community.
  • Queer Youth Uganda (Uganda) | $1,000 to support theatrical events to support human rights awareness and advocacy.
  • Pride Uganda (Uganda) | $1,200 to support Pride events in rural Uganda.
  • Rainbow Advocacy Project (Zimbabwe) | $1,000 to host a film screening focusing on lesbians.
  • Queer Voices of Bhutan (Bhutan) | $1,200 to support a leadership workshop + film screening.
  • Shanghai Pride (China) | $1,200 to support LGBTQI community workshops.
  • Vikalp Womens Group (India) | $1,000 to support Pride events including for traditional communities.
  • Equal Ground (Sir Lanka) | $1,200 to support Colombo Pride festival.
  • APCOM (Thailand) | $1,200 to support Hero awards and Pride Thailand.
  • Prague Pride (Czech Republic) | $2,000 to support a Pride conference and parade.
  • Skopje Pride (Subversive Front) (North Macedonia) | $1,200 to support Skopje Pride Parade.
  • Saplinq, o.z. (Slovakia) | $1,200 to support the 10th anniversary PRIDE Košice.
  • We-Change (Jamaica) | $750 to support a community festival — focus on LBT women.
  • Grupo Ellos Brazil (Brazil) | $1,100 to support the 16th Pride Parade of Nova Iguaçu.

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We would acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Solidarity Fund in 2022.

Grant Committee

  • Alan Reiff, Co-Chair
  • Robyn Kennedy, Co-Chair


The Solidarity Fund would not be possible without the generous contributions of individual and organizational donors. A huge thank you to the following who supported the fund in 2022.

  • Happy Socks
  • Sweatcoin
  • Digital Realty

Fund Development

A special thank you to Madonna Cacciatore, Global Project Manager of Fund Development & Partnerships for working tirelessly to raise the funding to support this program.

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