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The Stonewall Uprising: 53 Years Later

How a Protest Shaped a Global Movement

June 28, 2022, is the 53rd anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

The uprising occurred at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City. The events spanned six nonconsecutive days leading to many interactions between the police and the LGBTQIA+ community.

According to the United States Library of Congress (D.C), the event would fundamentally change the discourse surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community and their rights. The uprising responded to years of violence towards the LGBTQIA+ community, with people of color and gender non-conforming individuals leading the charge.

Michael Bronski, Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality professor at Harvard, describes Stonewall’s importance as a “shocking change of consciousness for the world.”

A common misconception of the Stonewall Uprising is that it was the first of its kind; however, this is not the case. There were many uprisings against the state and the police during this period, including (but not limited to):

It is essential to recognize and remember the Stonewall Uprising because it caused modern Pride and LGBTQIA+ organizations to form, leading to marches, parades, and celebrations. Regardless of whether it was the first, its impact was tremendous and led many people to become aware of LGBTQIA+ issues on a much larger scale.

The impacts of the Stonewall Uprising have been significant to the overall progress of the LGBTQIA+ movement.

After the Stonewall Uprising, queer activism was propelled to the limelight, with many organizations such as the Gay Liberation Front and Gay Activist Alliance starting in New York City. These groups would branch to other major cities across the United States and the world. Many activists point to the Stonewall Uprising as the beginning of the modern-day LGBTQIA+ movement, with parades and celebrations held to honor those who initially fought against oppression. A year after the Stonewall Uprising, many LGBTQIA+ organizations called for nationwide June demonstrations to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising. Since then, the Stonewall Inn has been named a National Monument symbolizing queer strength. The landmark is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year, especially during June, which has now been deemed in many countries in the Global North as “Pride Month.”

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