Fintech Focus — December 2021

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What We’re Following

It’s that time of year again. Let’s take a moment to step away from the annual DMV registration☠️, the intention-setting rituals and the annoyingly-overcrowded gyms💪🏾 to recap a few of our favorite headlines from 2021:

ICYMI, crypto is officially mainstream. In October, the SEC allowed the first-ever U.S. BTC ETF to grace the ticker tape of the New York Stock Exchange. Crypto companies are raking in the VC dollars like there’s no tomorrow☄️. Bitcoin even made an appearance on Jeopardy earlier this year. Crypto has ditched its obscure and somewhat shady past🕵🏽‍♂️ in favor of celebrity endorsements, stadium sponsorships and international monetary status. If those aren’t enough reasons to get invested, allow DJ Khaled to give you *another one.*

As we at Intersection know all too well, the pandemic may be lingering, but employees are not🏃🏽. We’ve witnessed a “Great Resignation” this year, due in large part to the introspection and remote working that Covid has spurred. More people are incorporating “working vacations” into their annual travel and are leaning into the idea that work and life don’t always have to be so separate⚖️. From Bernie memes to the ConstitutionDAO to “the CDC says,” we’ve found ways to remain more connected than ever before despite not being physically together.

Speaking of connections, we’d like to introduce you to a new one. For those of you who pay attention to our sign off each month, you may have noticed a trend — we’re growing! Intersection has doubled in size this year and is excited to announce yet another member of the crew👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 . Welcome aboard, Kali Koehler!

As we all take a moment to reflect on the last year and set intentions for the one ahead of us🧘🏾, we’ll leave you with this nugget of solid Red gold🎈 — “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

🍾 Cheers & Happy New Year,

Blake, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ethan, Hugh, Kali, Kelsey & Scott

Who We’re Following

Bain Capital Ventures: Christina Melas-Kyriazi joined as a Partner. Christina was previously the Head of Product, Consumer Foundations at Affirm. Link

Christina Melas-Kyriazi — Bain Capital Ventures Sarah Acton joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Sarah was previously the VP of Sales and Marketing at Athos. Link

Binance.US: Norman Reed joined as General Counsel. Norman was previously the GC and CCO at Onsa. Link Sidney Majalya joined as Chief Risk Officer. Sidney was previously a VP of Legal, Chief Compliance Officer and Group Counsel of Global Government Affairs at Intel. Link Meron Colbeci joined as Chief Product Officer. Meron was previously Head of Consumer Product Management at Novi. Link

Circle: Ajit Deshpande joined as VP of Demand Generation. Ajit was previously the VP of Demand Generation at Marqeta. We’re grateful for the continued partnership of Jeremy Allaire and Elisabeth Carpenter on this assignment.

Compass: Frank Martell joined as a Board Member. Frank is the President and CEO of CoreLogic. Link

Elwood: Daniel Ciment joined as Chief Operating Officer. Daniel was previously the COO of IEX Exchange. Link We enjoyed partnering with James Stickland and Alan Howard on this assignment.

Fast: Bob Mitchell joined as Chief Financial Officer. Bob was previously the Business Unit CFO of Venmo at PayPal. Link

Elliott Limb — Feedzai

Feedzai: Elliott Limb joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Elliott was previously the Chief Customer Officer at Mambu. Patricia Marques Ferreira joined as General Counsel. Patricia was previously the Assistant GC at OutSystems. Pedro Barata was promoted to Chief Product Officer. Pedro was previously an SVP of Product. Finally, Christian Smith joined as a Board Member. Christian is the Chief Revenue Officer at Splunk. Link

Finastra: Barry Rodrigues joined to run the payments business. Barry is the former CEO of Barclays Cards & Payments. Link

Greenlight: Brian Dong joined as Chief Financial Officer. Brian was previously a Managing Director and Head of Blockchain and Crypto in the Investment Banking Division, Technology Group at Goldman Sachs. Sameera Rao joined as Chief Technology Officer. Sameera was previously the VP and Head of Technology, PayPal Invest at PayPal. Finally, Will Yu joined as Chief Operating Officer. Will was previously the CFO, Head of Finance and Operations at Cadre. Link

IEX: Stan Feldman was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Stan was previously the Head of Business Analytics. Link

Kiavi (fka LendingHome): Vinay Goel joined as SVP of Product Management. Vinay was previously the Chief Digital Product Officer at JLL Labs. Link

Pranesh Anthapur — Kraken

Kraken: Pranesh Anthapur joined as Chief People Officer. Pranesh was previously a VP of HR at Uber. Link

Lemonade: Sean Burgess joined as Chief Claims Officer. Sean was previously an SVP and Chief Claims Officer at USAA. Link

Nav: Nicholas Guerrieri joined as Vice President of Marketing. Nicholas was previously an Executive Director and Head of Web Execution, Performance Marketing at JPMorgan Chase. George Kurtyka joined as Vice President of New Product Strategy. George was previously the VP of Product at ZenBusiness. Finally, Joe Martin joined as Vice President of Engineering. Joe was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Aura. Link

NerdWallet: John Caine joined as Chief Product Officer. John was previously the Chief Conversion and Chief Product Officer at Vroom. Link

OpenSea: Brian Roberts joined as Chief Financial Officer. Brian was previously the CFO at Lyft. Link

Paxos: Madan Nagaldinne joined as Chief People Officer. Madan was previously the CPO at Trade Republic.

Bimal Patel — PayPal

PayPal: Bimal Patel was promoted to General Counsel. Bimal was previously an SVP, Legal.

Plaid: Mark Hawkins joined as a Board Member. Mark is the former President and CFO at Salesforce.

Ribbit Capital: Justin Saslaw joined as a General Partner. Justin was previously a Partner at Social Capital.

Shopify: Fidji Simo joined as a Board Member. Fidji is the CEO of Instacart. Link

Intersection Growth Partners is a retained executive search and investment firm that builds the leadership teams transforming financial services. Our clients include challenger fintechs, global financial institutions and leading investors in the space 🚀.



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