Fintech Focus — November 2021

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What We’re Following

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We’re all back from Thanksgiving🦃 and the Whole Foods receipts don’t lie — inflation has officially arrived.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at crypto VC activity. MoonPay just raised the largest Series A funding round in crypto history with a colossal $555M 🚀. OpenSea may have just hit decacorn status🦄. Even historical documents have obscene valuations.

With dollar bills losing value faster than Peloton stock, it’s no surprise that digital currency and decentralized finance are continuing to charge ahead. “Who exactly is charging ahead?” you might ask. Jury’s out as to whether Jack Dorsey will be on the front lines, but one thing we’re certain about — his ranks will be awash with branded gym bags and fancy suits👔. Big banks are finally opening their arms to the wonderful world of crypto, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We just hope Wall Street took advantage of the Cyber Monday deals, because that’s a lot of Patagucci vests to buy. Think we can get WAGMI embroidered on the backs?

Getting paid in Bitcoin is cool, but let’s talk about the HBR case study that’s surely replacing our old Southwest Airlines standby. To all the NFT non-believers out there🙅🏻‍♂️, we’ll see your meme culture skepticism and raise you irrefutable ownership, distributed governance rights and community engagement. NFTs are more than Bored Apes and Gutter Cats🙀. They represent empowerment of the individual. NFTs are Taylor Swifting the digital world, and we are here for it👏🏾.

With a new season of Always Sunny right around the corner🥳, it only feels right to leave you with a little Danny DeVito x Discord magic. Be sure to read this Not Boring piece by Packy McCormick for the full (and very much not boring) story on how Discord may become the ‘natural social infrastructure’ of the metaverse.

🍷Cheers (with mulled wine in hand),

Blake, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ethan, Hugh, Kelsey & Scott

Who We’re Following

a16z: Marc Andrusko joined as a Fintech Partner. Marc was previously the Vertical Lead, Personal Financial Management at Plaid. Link

Algorand Foundation: Staci Warden joined as a Board Member. Staci was previously an Executive Director of Global Market Development at the Milken Institute. Link.

Camilla Churcher — Anchorage Digital

Anchorage Digital: Camilla Churcher joined as Head of Sales. Camilla was previously the Global Head of Business Development at Celsius. Link

Arbo Works: Tarun Bhatnagar will be joining in December. Tarun was previously the VP of Payments, Americas at Google. Link

Binance.US: Patrick Hillman joined as Chief Communications Officer. Patrick was previously the Global Head of Innovation, Crisis and Risk at Edelman. Link

Bitfury: Brian Brooks joined as Chief Executive Officer. Brain was previously the CEO of Binance.US. CJ Rinaldi joined as Chief Compliance Officer. CJ was previously a Managing Director and Head of Market Compliance, Americas at Deutsche Bank. Link

Brex: Adam Swiecicki was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Adam was previously an SVP of Finance. Michael Tannenbaum was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Michael was previously the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer.

Built Technologies: Bob Van Nortwick joined as President. Bob was previously the Director and Global GM of Startups at AWS.

Candy Digital: Charlie Robbins joined as VP of Engineering. Charlie was previously a Senior Director of Engineering at GoDaddy. Link We enjoyed partnering with Scott Lawin and the Candy team on this assignment. Andre Llewellyn also joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Andre was previously Head of Global Brand Marketing at Instagram. Link

Tushar Nadkarni — Celsius

Celsius: Tushar Nadkarni joined as Chief Growth and Product Officer. Tushar was previously the Founder and Managing Partner at Slingshot Growth Lab. Link

Centre: Morgan McKenney joined as a Special Advisor. Morgan is the Chief Operating Officer for Global Consumer Banking at Citi. Link

Chipper Cash: Kel Hartman joined as Chief People Officer. Kel was previously the Chief Wellness & Engagement Officer at Flywire. Link

Circle: Kash Razzaghi was promoted to Chief Revenue Officer. Kash was previously an SVP of Revenue and Partnerships. Colin Brennan joined as VP of Treasury Operations. Colin was previously the Global Treasurer of ICG Markets at Citi. Link We enjoyed partnering with Patrick Corker on this assignment.

Coinbase: Flavia Romero joined as Treasurer. Flavia was previously a Senior Director of Capital Strategy at PayPal. Link We enjoyed partnering with Alesia Hass on this assignment.

Current: Ravi Bhatia joined as Head of Credit. Ravi was previously the Head of Global Credit Risk Oversight at PayPal. Link

DigniFi: Neeraj Mehta joined as Chief Executive Officer. Neeraj was previously the Interim President and CEO of United Way. Link

Forte: Kevin Wulwik joined as General Counsel. Kevin was previously the General Counsel at Eisler Capital.

Matt Zhang — Hivemind

Hivemind: Matt Zhang launched the fund as a Founder and Managing Partner. Matt was previously a Managing Director, Citi Impact Fund at Citi.

Intuit: Suzanne Nora Johnson joined Intuit as a Board Member. Suzanne is a former Vice Chair at Goldman Sachs. Link

Kiavi (fka LendingHome): Carrie Weber joined as Chief Risk Officer. Carrie was previously an SVP and Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Ameritas.

Kraken: Mike Davidson joined as VP of Design & Research. Mike was previously an Advisor at InVision. Link

Mysten Labs: Adeniyi Emmanuel Abiodun launched the company as a Founder and Managing Partner. Adeniyi was previously a Product Lead, Novi at Meta.

Paradigm: Nathan Apsel joined as Chief Financial Officer. Nathan was previously the CFO at 8VC. Link

Robinhood: Frances Frei joined as a Board Member. Frances is a Professor at Harvard Business School. Link Baris Cetinok joined as Vice President of Product Management. Baris was previously a Senior Director, Product Management & Product Marketing at Apple. Link

Scott Milleisen — Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s: Scott Milleisen joined as Chief Revenue Officer of Sothetby’s Financial Services. Scott was previously a Managing Director and US Head of Lending Solutions at JPMorgan Private Bank. We enjoyed partnering with Jasper Lewitton, Alex Klabin and Kara Freedman on this assignment.

Square: Shveta Mujumdar joined as Head of Corporate Development. Shveta was previously a VP of Corporate Development at Intuit. Link

Stripe: Matt Huang joined as a Board Member. Matt is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Paradigm. Link Kyle Vikström joined as Head of Americas GTM Finance. Kyle was previously a Director of Investor Relations at Microsoft. Link Christopher Van Woeart was promoted to Head of Product Risk & Strategy. Christopher was previously the Head of Treasury.

TrueAccord: ​​Kelly Knepper-Stephens was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel. Kelly was previously a VP of Legal & Compliance. Link

Twitter: Tess Rinearson joined to lead a new team focused on crypto, blockchains, and other decentralized technologies. Tess was previously a VP of Engineering at Interchain GmbH. Link

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