Fintech Focus — October 2021

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What We’re Following

Double double toil and trouble🧛, thank you SEC cause you didn’t burst the bubble. Earlier this month, Gary Gensler assuaged our collective fears around cryptocurrency regulation in the US. Will we have government involvement? Yes. Will we continue to see dog-themed coins taking day traders to the moon? Unsure. Will the US implement China-style bans? No🙏🏾.

If you think we’re happy about this tiny step forward😒, wait until you talk to these guys. The United States has seven newly minted crypto-preneur billionaires, whose fortunes are precariously perched atop an impending Capitol Hill proposal — The Billionaire Tax.

Under this proposal, uber-wealthy individuals like the crypto kings mentioned above would be subject to taxes on unrealized capital gains. In other words, they would have to pay an income tax on income that doesn’t exist yet. Dude, that is so Meta🌌.

ICYMI, Money20/20 was last week and our brains are still running on empty🍸, so let’s take a moment to recap a few of this year’s trends: Biker shorts and micro bags — Out. Bucket hats and middle parts — In. NFTs and Stablecoins — Here to stay🚀.

Now for the real October highlight🎃. What were our Halloween plans, you ask? We tricked Ethan Meyer into ditching his Goldman badge and joining the Intersection team earlier this month, and it’s been an absolute treat having him on board👻. Welcome to the crew, Ethan!


Kelsey, Elizabeth, Hugh, Catherine, Blake, Ethan & Scott

Who We’re Following

a16z: Jai Ramaswamy joined as Chief Regulatory Officer of Web3/Crypto. Jai was previously the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at cLabs. Link

Alameda Research: Caroline Ellison and Sam Trabucco were named co-CEOs. Both Caroline and Sam were previously traders at Alameda Research. Link

Argyle: Sid Uberoi joined as General Counsel. Sid was previously the Head of Legal, VP, Legal Affairs at Envestnet Yodlee. We enjoyed partnering with Shmulik Fishman and Billy Marsden on this assignment. Link

Sid Uberoi — Argyle

Better Tomorrow Ventures: Jenny Johnston joined as a Venture Partner. Jenny was previously a Principal at Flourish Ventures. Scott Wagner joined as a Board Member. Scott was previously the CEO at GoDaddy. Link Tigran Gambaryan joined as VP of Global Intelligence and Investigations. Tigran was previously a Special Agent at the IRS, where he led several multibillion-dollar cyber investigations including the Silk Road website and Mt. Gox hack. Link

BlockFi: Jennifer Hill joined as a Board Member. Jennifer is the former CFO of Merrill Lynch. Link

BlueVine: Mira Srinivasan joined as Chief Risk Officer. Mira was previously the VP of Risk (Credit & Fraud) at Brex. Link

Bread: Jiyoti Menon joined as the Head of Digital Product and Analytics. Jiyoti was previously the Head of Digital Wallet and eCommerce, Bill Pay and Funding at Citi. Link

Leela Srinivasan and Kerry Van Voris — Leela Srinivasan joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Leela was previously the CMO at Kerry Van Voris joined as Chief Human Resources Officer. Kerry was previously the CPO at Oscar Health. Link

Chime: Aditya Narula joined as General Manager. Aditya was previously in Banking & Financial Products at Stripe.

CoinMetrics: Scott Richard joined as Global Head of Growth. Scott was previously the Global Head of Business Development and Sales, Market Technology at Nasdaq. We’re grateful for the partnership of Tim Rice on this assignment. Link

Earnin: Brittanie Williams was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. Brittanie was previously a VP of Marketing and Communications. Rohan Kohli joined as VP of Compliance. Rohan is the former Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer at TIAA. Charles Warren joined as VP of Product Design. Charles was previously a Director at Twitter. Finally, Aayush Sakya joined as Head of User Acquisition. Ayush was previously a Director of User Acquisition, Growth at GSN Games. Link

Flywire: Yvonne Hao joined as a Board Member. Yvonne was previously a Co-Founder and Managing Director at Cove Hill Partners and is the former COO and CFO at PillPack. Link

Framework Ventures: Jay Stolkin joined as Head of Legal. Jay was previously an Attorney at Paul Hastings.

FTX: Can Sun joined as General Counsel. Can was previously an Associate at Fenwick & West.

Green Dot: George Gresham joined as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. George was previously a Board Member at Green Dot Corp. and Green Dot Bank and is the former CFO at NetSpend Corporation. Link

Greenlight: Will Yu joined as Chief Operating Officer. Will was previously the CFO and Head of Finance and Operations at Cadre.

Hippo: Grace Hanson joined as Chief Claims Officer. Grace was previously the Chief Claims Officer at Hiscox. Link

Menlo Ventures: Croom Beatty was promoted to Partner. Croom was previously a Venture Investor.

Monzo: Joel Tashjian joined as US Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel. Joel was previously General Counsel at Acorns.

nCino: Anthony Morris joined as SVP of Global Banking Strategy and Customer Advisory. Anthony was previously a VP and Global Head of Banking Go To Market at Salesforce. Link

Paradigm: Matt Mizbani joined as a Partner. Matt was previously a Crypto investor at Coatue. Link

PayPal: Rafael de la Vega joined as VP of Global Business Development. Rafael was previously a Global EVP and Head of Digital Strategic Partnerships. Link

Plastiq: Kerry Hatch joined as President and Board Member. Kerry was previously a Managing Director at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips and is the former President of American Express OPEN. Link

Robinhood: Dara Treseder joined as a Board Member. Dara is currently an SVP and Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Peloton. Link Benjamin Melnicki joined as Chief Compliance Officer for Robinhood Crypto. Benjamin was previously the CCO at Grayscale Investments. Link

Securitize: Brett Redfearn joined as a Senior Strategic Advisor. Brett was previously the Head of Capital Markets at Coinbase. Link

Sonder: Gilda Perez-Alvarado joined as a Board Member. Gilda is the Global CEO of JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group. Link

Kim Smith — Techstars

Techstars: Kim Smith joined as Head of Capital Formation. Kim was previously a Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at Owl Creek Asset Management. We enjoyed partnering with Nicole Glaros and Jason Seats on this assignment. Link

Trumid: Bryan Harkins joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Bryan was previously the President of the BIDS Trading subsidiary at Cboe Global Markets. Link

Varo Bank: Amy Ferris joined as Chief Growth Officer. Amy was previously the Global Head of Consumer Marketing, Media Services at Apple. Link

Vestwell: Rob Molchon joined as Chief Technology Officer. Rob was previously an SVP of Engineering at Integral Ad Science. Ryan Anderson was promoted to Chief Product Officer. Ryan was previously an SVP and Head of Product & Design.

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