Monthly Mint — 02.2022

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What We’re Following

New name alert🚨 — Fintech Focus is out and the Monthly Mint is in (all about alliterations, amiright?). From now on, we’ll be serving you 100% crypto content, freshly minted 🌿 every month. As usual, check us out on Medium, Twitter or LI to see our full collection of posts.

Speaking of content, our Netflix queue is looking bleak until Season 5 of The Last Kingdom drops, so here’s something to pique your interest: Zero Dark Thirty meets spaghetti Western 🤠, but with chads and degens abounding. Spoiler: this one’s about Bitcoin Bonnie and Crypto Clyde and they most certainly are NGMI.

The husband and wife duo, Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan, were arrested in early Feb for conspiring to launder billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency stolen in a 2016 exchange hack👨‍💻. In today’s world, that’s $4.5 billion. And we thought the Wormhole fiasco was expensive😳.

Harkening back to the golden age of streaming, before we turned against GoT after the horrendous series finale🐉, roon’s newsletter “A Song of Shapes and Words” is the best thing we’ve read all month. In a hilariously erudite exploration of the rotator ↔ wordcel axis, roon will have you turning shapes in your mind and questioning your IQ like never before🧐.

Speaking of shapeshifters🔷, our favorite two-dimensional plane figure just raised $450M and claimed the moniker ‘the AWS of web3.’ From multi-chain to zero knowledge to not-so wicked smaht🍎, DeFi projects are popping up everywhere, and we think that’s just Stellar.

Now for the real news — Super Crypto Bowl commercials were on fire this year 🔥 Larry David was Larry David. Coinbase was controversial, but at least they gave the people what they wanted. Despite being overshadowed by an absolutely epic halftime show, crypto commercials certainly made a splash. With Mr. Fink and the NYSE finally aping in, it looks like those Marketing teams are doing something right👏.

On a final note, our team’s a lot smaller than the Rams, but we did just sign a new player 🏈. Welcome to Intersection, Keanan Clark!

🍻 Cheers,

Catherine, Elizabeth, Ethan, Hugh, Kali, Keanan, Kelsey & Scott

Who We’re Following

Algorand Foundation: Staci Warden was appointed Chief Executive Officer. Staci has served as a Board Member since September 2021. Link

BH Digital: Peter Johnson joined our perennial favorite, Colleen Sullivan, as Co-Head of Private Investments. Peter was previously a Partner at Jump Crypto. Link Drew Van der Werff joined as an investor. Drew was previously a VP in the digital asset team at Goldman Sachs. Link

Binance.US: Tammy Weinrib joined as Chief Compliance Officer. Tammy was previously a VP in the Financial Crimes Compliance department at Societe Generale. Link

Bitfury: Jonathan Gould joined as Chief Legal Officer. Jonathan was previously the Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel at the OCC. Link

Block: Lindsey Grossman joined as Head of Product, Marketing and Partnerships, Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. Lindsey was previously the Director of Product, North America at Wise. Link

Celsius Network: Rod Bolger joined as the Chief Financial Officer. Rod was previously the CFO at Royal Bank of Canada. Link

Circle: Nikhil Chandhok joined as Chief Product Officer. Nikhil was previously the Product Lead, AR Glasses at Meta. Link We’re excited to have worked with Jeremy Allaire and Elisabeth Carpenter on this assignment.

Nikhil Chandhok — Circle

Coinbase: Roger Barlett joined as VP of Global Financial Operations. Roger was previously an MD and Global Co-Head of Operations, Global Markets at Goldman Sachs. We’re excited to have worked with Alesia Haas on this assignment. Link Scott Bauguess joined as VP of Global Regulatory Policy. Scott was previously an Associate Professor at the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. Link

ConsenSys: Neal Gorevic joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Neal was previously the Global Head of Consumer Marketing at Spotify. Link Abhi Bisarya joined as EVP and Head of Product. Abhi was previously a Product Lead at Google Pay. Link

Dapper Labs: Stephanie Lemmerman joined as Chief Financial Officer. Stephanie was previously the CFO at Recharge Payments. Link

FalconX: Jon Kaplan joined as Head of Revenue. Jon was previously the Chief Revenue Officer at Pinterest. Link

Figure: Jackie Frommer joined as the COO of Lending. Jackie was previously a Managing Director, Consumer Lending Leadership Team at Bank of America. Link

FTX: Lauren Remington Platt joined as Head of Fashion & Luxury Partnerships. Lauren was previously the Founder and CEO of Vensette. Link

Lauren Remington Platt — FTX

Galaxy Digital: Thomas Harrop joined as a Managing Director. Thomas was previously the Americas Treasurer and Co-Head of the Global Liquidity Group at Credit Suisse.

Protego Trust Bank: Brian Brooks joined as a Board Member. Brian is the CEO of Bitfury. Michael Carpenter also joined as a Board Member. Michael is the former CEO of Ally financial. Link

SuperLayer: Welly Sculley joined as SVP of Partnerships. Welly was previously the Head of Partnerships at SFOX.

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