Monthly Mint — 04.2022

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What We’re Following

Happy Earth Month to our fellow Earthlings out there🌎 (speaking of, here’s your next book recommendation🛸). April 22nd came and went, but we’re still celebrating the efforts being taken to ensure we won’t have to live entirely in the metaverse a couple hundred years from now. Technology is cool, but let’s still save the planet✌️.

If President Obama’s mellifluous narration of the new Netflix docuseries didn’t convince you to ditch your single-use plastic♻️, allow Gisele and Sam Bankman-Fried (aka SBF) to have a go. SBF, the $24B Founder CEO who rolls around in a Corolla, lives with ten roommates and spends most nights on a beanbag, subscribes to something called Effective Altruism. As this Bloomberg article puts it, “he’s a kind of crypto Robin Hood🏹, beating the rich at their own game to win money for capitalism’s losers.

Outside of SBF’s personal donations and dedication to the greater good (does that make anyone else think of Dumbledore and Grindelwald?), FTX just announced a $1B charitable fund. From these ‘Climate and Community’ efforts to Polygon’s commitment to carbon neutrality, crypto is getting greener🌿 and we’re feeling good about it. Some might even say we’re feeling Optimistic🔴✨.

While we’re on the subject of sustainability, let’s take a moment to acknowledge a few movie three-peats that have truly withstood the test of time. First, there was The Godfather🐴, then the original Star Wars, trumped only by Peter Jackson’s masterpiece🧙‍♂️ The Lord of the Rings (honorable mention goes to The Dark Knight, but have you seen the newest Batman yet?😱💯).

ICYMI A new trilogy is in town and we are here for it (#DegenTrilogy). If you didn’t get your fill of primates in the Netflix docuseries🐵, get ready for a BAYC x Coinbase x ApeCoin collab that will have you swinging from the trees. The best part? Soon we’ll be apeing in with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and more. What’s in your crypto wallet?😎

🍵+🍷 Vitalik cheers,

Catherine, Elizabeth, Ethan, Hugh, Kali, Keanan, Kelsey & Scott

Who We’re Following

a16z: Craig Naylor joined as Head of Talent, Crypto. Craig was previously the Global Program Manager, Integrations at CloudKitchens.

Abra: Constance Sng joined as Global Head of Investor Relations and Capital Formation. Constance was previously the Chief of Capital Strategy at Hudson Cove. Ya Li joined as Chief Risk Officer. Ya was previously the Chief Risk Officer at ED&F Man. Link

Amber Group: Ray Kamrath joined as Head of Institutional Prime Services. Ray was previously the Founder of GT5 Digital.

Apollo: Christine Moy joined as a Partner to lead their new digital asset strategy. Christine was previously the Global Head of Liink, Crypto & Metaverse, at Onyx by J.P. Morgan. Link

Christine Moy — Apollo

Binance: Rohit Wad joined as Chief Technology Officer. Rohit was previously a VP of Product and Engineering at Microsoft. Link Marissa Brooks joined to lead Global Sports and Entertainment Partnerships. Marissa is the Founder of boutique marketing agency 4WRD. Link

Blockdaemon: Geoff Clauss joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Geoff was previously the Head of Sales at Anchorage. Link Ben Einstein joined as Head of Business Development. Ben was previously the Head of Crypto Partnerships at Robinhood. Link

Centre: Linda Jeng joined as Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer. Linda was previously the Global Head of Policy and Special Counsel at Transparent Financial Systems. Danielle Harold joined as Chief Operating Officer. Danielle was previously the Head of Business and Payments Operations at Diem Association. Link Mark Fernandes joined as Head of Crypto Product. Mark was previously a Product Manager at Novi.

Circle: Cameron Ewing joined as VP of Creative and Brand Marketing. Cameron was previously an Executive Creative Director at Meta.

Coinbase: Anthony Bassili joined as Head of Pensions. Anthony was previously a Director and the Head of Pensions at BlackRock iShares. Link Di Sanborn joined as Head of Institutional Marketing. Di was previously a Managing Director and Head of Institutional Marketing, North America at BlackRock. Link Szejack Tan joined as Director, Marketing Technology & Data Platforms. Szejack was previously the Head of Growth Marketing, Google Assistant at Google.

ConsenSys: Sarah Friar joined as a Board Member. Sarah is the CEO of Nextdoor. Link

Sarah Friar — ConsenSys Duncan DeVille joined as Head of Compliance of the Americas and Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, EVP. Duncan was previously the Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Western Union. Link

Elwood: Brian Pomraning joined as Global Head of Business Development. Brian was previously the Chief Revenue Officer at Pico. Link We’re grateful for the continued partnership of James Stickland on this critical assignment.

FalconX: Dan Torrey joined as a Senior Institutional Sales Executive. Dan was previously the Head of Institutional Sales at Lukka. Link

Galaxy Digital: Sebastian Benkert joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Sebastian was previously the CMO at ARK Investment Management.

Haun Ventures: Chris Ahn joined as a Partner. Chris was previously a Partner at Index Ventures. Link

Hivemind Capital: Jonathan Greenstein joined as a Partner and Head of Network. Jonathan was previously a Senior Director of Strategy at Algorand Foundation. Link

Immutable Holdings: Balaji Srinivasan joined as a Strategic Advisor. Balaji is an angel investor, the former CTO of Coinbase and former GP at a16z. Link

Kraken: Carrie Dolan joined as Chief Financial Officer. Carrie was previously the CFO at Tradeshift. Link Mayur Gupta joined as Chief Marketing Officer. Mayur was previously the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Gannett — USA Today Network. Link

Marathon Digital: Hugh Gallagher joined as Chief Financial Officer. Hugh was previously the Chief Strategy Officer at UGI/AmeriGas. Sim Salzman transitioned to Chief Accounting Officer. Sim was previously the CFO. Link

Mina Foundation: Kurt Hemecker joined as Chief Operating Officer. Kurt was previously the Chief of Staff and Head of Internal Business Operations and Human Resources at Diem Networks. Link

Optimism: Bobby Dresser joined as Head of Product. Bobby was previously a Senior Director of Product at GitHub.

Bobby Dresser — Optimism

Paradigm: Doug Feagin joined as a Partner. Doug was previously an Investor at Coatue. Link

Tactic: John Dempsey joined as VP of Strategy and Operations. John was previously a VP of Product at Chainalysis.

TRM Labs: Chrirs Janczewski joined as Head of Global Investigations. Chris was previously a Special Agent, Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU) at the IRS. Link

Trust Machines: Rena Shah joined as Head of Operations & Strategy. Rena was previously the Head of Exchange at Binance.US. Link

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