Keep Driving

I’m always struck by the other the drivers on the road (not physically so far). I’m struck by their gaze, by their stories, their thoughts. Where’s everyone going? When I get a lucky green left arrow on a familiar street near home, I always see myself in the other drivers who came to a stop for me, and I thank them as I pass. A bird’s eye view of our interactions has my mind swimming in the whirlpools of social order and chaos. Each of us are connected at such a fundamental level and I shutter to think a wreck I passed could have easily been me or you. Yet I keep driving.

Life and death are so pervasive in our lives yet we’re rarely aware of its presence. The mini ecosystems in asphalt medians teem with more life than our deadpan interactions with coworkers. What is holding us back? Don’t you know that tomorrow isn’t promised?

I’ll cut to the chase. Today I was privileged to hear news of two of the exact same miracles. One was of a friend’s expectation of twins; the other was a friend whose aunt just died. I say privileged for the latter because I was reminded of our blessings. And I call them the same because they’re derived of the same essence. Such joy and sadness in one day, yet I keep driving.

I almost tripped into traffic the other day, but I can’t dwell on that. The news of these events will fade from my memory just as I will fade from yours. Take pause to savor these moments and the ones you form along your journey. We’re all heading to the same place as long as you keep driving.