About Intersections

Exploring exciting and emerging creative trends and ideas across art and digital culture in the UK

Antonio Roberts, MTV Visual Ident, 2016. Antonio is a new media artist and curator, based in Birmingham

Welcome to Intersections, a series of conversations looking at the ideas and creative practices emerging at the junctures of art and technology in the UK. Since the moment a human hand struck the first ever drum, technology has provided us with new and innovative tools for expression and creativity. The technology of an age influences the wider culture as well as the industry it serves. The industrial revolution transformed printing and with it how we write, communicate and tell stories. In the same way, the digital revolution is transforming our means of production, interaction and expression. Today, technology is ever more present in the changes our culture and art is experiencing.

With the UK’s firm tradition of nurturing and creating challenging artistic practice, it’s inevitable that explorations of digital technology in creative practice are emerging across creative disciplines. From arts institutions to new enterprises, the UK is incubating hybrid work that draws on the tools and culture of our digital world, bringing creative communities and the technology sector together to prototype, collaborate and explore. This digital revolution is driving innovations in creative practice across the UK; artists such as Antonio Roberts are using technology to reflect on issues such as open-source software, free culture and collaborative practices, while immersive theatre pioneers Punchdrunk are transforming traditional storytelling, into a shape-shifting new form.

We’re experimenting in using this blog to highlight and examine some of the exciting new ideas and practices in the UK creative sector - looking at some of the deep cultural, social, business, political and technological changes that are happening in the world around us. Drawing on the talent and ideas across the UK’s creative landscape, we’ll ask some of the most interesting individuals, practitioners and organisations to offer their perspectives and ideas on emerging trends and themes, and to share case studies of some of the most exciting emerging practices. We’ve invited Lucy Sollitt to kick us off, curating a set of essays and guest contributions around themes ranging from mixed reality to artificial intelligence, which we’ll be publishing over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy!