Here are the midterm election results impacting South L.A.

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In Tuesday’s midterm elections, South Los Angeles residents voted for two Assembly members and propositions that directly affect their community. Because housing has been a big issue in South L.A., we decided to focus on Proposition 10.

Here are the results:


Californian voters rejected Proposition 10 in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Proposition 10 would have repealed the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a law that prohibits city and county governments from imposing certain rent control policies, including rent control on single-family homes and apartments built after 1995.

The proposition was defeated by a 62 to 38 percent margin, according to the California Secretary of State’s office.

(Graphic: Courtesy of California Secretary of State)

Proposition 10 was fiercely contested across California, but it’s outcome was especially important in South L.A., where rising housing costs have caused evictions and increased homelessness.

Many South L.A. residents, who spoke to Intersections South L.A. at a pop-up newsroom Oct. 17, said they were either struggling with the costs of housing or knew someone who was affected by the costs. Several didn’t know the details about Proposition 10, but agreed there should be a stop to the rising costs of rent.

“I don’t think they should be able to raise it (rent) just because it belongs to them and not think about others who live there,” said Fertina Miller, 63. “ I don’t think that’s fair because when you work in this city, and you earn a living, and you get disabled, then you still can’t afford a place to live. That’s why there’s so many homeless people, because the housing and the rent is so high.”

About 9.5 million renters are burdened by high rents, spending at least 30 percent of their income on housing costs, according to a UC Berkeley study.

Millions of dollars were spent on the fight over Proposition 10.

The main opponents, including groups representing landlords, spent more than $76 million, with supporters, including the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, spending about $26 million, according to state campaign finance records.

The Yes on 10 coalition on Wednesday thanked its supporters and promised to continue their fight for affordable housing.

The L.A. Tenants Union, in a statement, said most California residents support rent control and were “tricked into doubting” that the measure would be able to do so. They assured supporters they would continue to fight for rent control. Intersections South L.A. reached out to the L.A. Tenants Union for comment, but were unavailable before deadline.

The California Apartment Association, in a statement on Tuesday, reiterated its opposition to Proposition 10.

“The stunning margin of victory shows California voters clearly understood the negative impacts Prop 10 would have on the availability of affordable and middle-class housing in our state,” said Tom Bannon, chief executive officer the association.


Two incumbents representing South L.A. reclaimed their state Assembly seats Tuesday.

In the 59th district, Democratic Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer of Inglewood reclaimed his seat with 68 percent of the votes, surpassing Leslie Hagan-Morgan, who claimed 32 percent of the votes. The district represents the South L.A. neighborhoods of Florence-Firestone, Exposition Park, and University Park.

(Graphic: Courtesy of Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk)

In the 54th district, Democratic Assemblywoman Sydney K. Kamlager beat her challenger Tepring Piquado with 64 percent of the votes. Kamlager won a special election in April to replace Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who stepped down from State Assembly in December of last year.

(Graphic: Courtesy of Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk)

Ridley-Thomas was the subject of two sexual harassment complaints at the time he stepped down from the Legislature, according to the LA Times.

The district represents Baldwin Hills, Crenshaw and Leimert Park.

Reporter Melody Waintal contributed to this report.

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