March 2019 News from the Ansible

Everything cool and new happening at Interstellar Flight Press

March has been a whirlwind of activity here at Interstellar Flight Press! As Managing Editor, I’m excited to share with you some of our news for this month. We are working on building a staff of editors, slush readers, and writers! As a new indie press, it’s a lot of work getting started.

Popular Stories This Month

This month we published film reviews on opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum. Michael Glazner brought us a review of Climax, Gaspar Noé’s indie shock-and-awe dance extravaganza. It’s not for everybody, but it’s sure to be one heck of an experience.

E.D. Walker reviewed Captain Marvel, the latest female superheroine flick of what is sure to be many more. “By the end of the movie, it is Carol’s emotions — not just her righteous anger but also the unbridled joy she feels in a good brawl — that unlock her full potential.” You’ll enjoy this satisfying, savvy, heartwarming, and emotional film.

Susannah Russell brought us another monthly horror wrap-up. This month she gives us a run-down of everything you need to consume in March including Us, The Field Guide to Evil, The Order, What We Do In the Shadows, Santa Clarita Diet, Season 3 and more!

We Launched Our First Call for Submissions

I’m pleased that we are now able to take submissions for Interstellar Flight Magazine. We’re looking for the best reviews, personal essays, articles, interviews, and whatever else you magical writers can dream up! We want articles that are:

  • Timely (Tied to a recent event or forthcoming release)
  • Nonfiction (Essays, articles, interviews)
  • About speculative TV, books, film, or comics
  • Preferably featuring/about/by POC, femmes, marginalized groups, LGTBQIA+

Be sure to check out our call for submissions for complete guidelines.

We launched our Patreon

We are thrilled to be able to allow readers to join in the fun of our launch! We agree with LeVar Burton that “Reading is part of the birthright of the human being.” Choosing to publish unique books is not a money-making venture. It’s an imagination-making venture. Here are some of the things we’ve got planned for our Patreon:

  • Exclusive essays and articles from SFF community members
  • Cover reveals, Patron polls, and sneak-preview excerpts
  • EBook and Print book subscriptions at higher tiers

Read our first Patreon post to learn more about how you can support us! Even a dollar a month can help us publish more articles, expand our catalog of amazing books, and pay writers more moolah.

Our First Book Launches June 6

We’re thrilled to announce that our first book launches June 6th!

Cassandra Rose Clarke

Interstellar Flight Press is delighted to announce our first book forthcoming in 2019 from author Cassandra Rose Clarke — The Manticore’s Vow and Other Stories. We are thrilled to get a chance to work with Clarke, a member of our local Houston literary scene, Rhysling Award winner, and author of Halo: Battle Born, Star’s End, Our Lady of the Ice, and more.

This collection is a tie-in with Clarke’s book Magic of Blood and Sea. It collects three novellas:

The Manticore’s Vow
The Automaton’s Treasure
The Witch’s Betrayal​

A vain assassin takes an assignment with dire consequences. An aristocratic lady fleeing her past is besieged by pirates. And a manticore princess sets out on a life-changing adventure.

The Manticore’s Vow explores the origins of some of Clarke’s most memorable characters: Naji, the scarred assassin, Marjani, the pirate queen, and Ongraygeeomryn, the man-eating manticore. Explore a world of dangerous magic and thrilling adventures with this trio of gorgeous, swashbuckling tales.

You can pre-order The Manticore’s Vow starting April 30th. Or, become a Patreon at the $5 or $10 level to get your copy. Stay tuned to our website and our Patreon page for more exciting new releases!

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