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Fast with Tania Aubid for the Water — 40+8

breathe in | breathe out



How is this human world eating you up,
and how might mindful restraint
and rest free you to feast
on a deeper Reality?


(Tania Aubid — Photo creidit: Ne-Dah-Ness Greene & Indigenous Environmental Network — used with permission)


Today, Thursday, March 18, is day 33 of
Ojibwe Warrior Woman & Water Protector
Tania Aubid’s hunger strike.

Tania is practicing this prayerful fast
for the water and earth and for
the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The fast brings with it clarity and power
— a deeper connection with Creator and created.

Tania is seeing things very clearly
right now, and she is inviting us to
prayerful action
— that we might see things clearly, too -
that we would remember Water is Life
and that we would rise up and protect Water.

When asked what her invitation to us is
Tania said,

Pray for the water,
and for the manoomin, the wild rice.
And pray for the animals,
the deer and the fish.
This is the food we eat.
And prayer for the air…

Know that what they say,
that this pipeline is necessary infrastructure,
that that is a lie. We don’t need this oil.
There is enough in reserves.
This is just for the personal gain of a few…
Pray for the people
who are homeless and hungry.

Tania, thank you!

Thank you for your smiling face and fierce love.
Thank you for your sacrifice for
the life and health of us all.
Thank you for teaching us what it means
to be a Water Protector.

Together, through prayer, restraint,
action, healing and joy-filled community,
we will #StopLine3


Fast in Solidarity with Tania this Saturday

This Saturday, March 20
(Spring Equinox & Day 35 of Tania’s hunger strike),
you are invited to join hundreds of others
and fast in solidarity with Tania.

Fast for the Water and for earth.
Fast for all the life and lives that are
impacted by this tar sands oil pipeline,
including the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women.

This is a prayerful and intentionally public act.
It is a practice that is intended to raise awareness
and to awaken one another from our spiritual slumber.
Please invite others in your life to practice with you.
And share about it. You can use

There are many ways to hold fast.
Determine how you feel called to practice
(e.g., no solid food for 24 hours, sunrise to sunset, etc.).
Also, if you can, be near water for part of your day.
Prayerfully listen and connect with Water.

Thank you for considering
and for standing up to protect the Water.


Logion 27

If you do not fast from the cosmos*,
you will never grasp Reality.
If you cannot find rest
on the day of rest,
you will never feast
your eyes on God.

(* i.e., “the realm of human invention and convention” — translator, Lynn Bauman)




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