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Follow the way of the Tree | poetry inspired by GoT logion 90

breathe in + breathe out


logion 90

Come to me
for justice is my yoke,
and gentleness my rule,
and you will discover the state of rest.


I imagine Yeshua
lived as an oak on Palestinian soil
Shade from the sun
A place to land and rest

I imagine him standing strong
Rooted in place when the khamsin
brought heat and dust from North Africa

And if he learned of some belief
or some part of his being
that lacked compassion
he let that limb snap and fall
and then said grace with a new Friend

Thank you, Wind
Thank you, Friend
Your faith has made us both well

I imagine when Yeshua died
he became a nurse log
And the Living Water
and the Wind scattered seeds
and the birds and burrowing bugs
they chewed on his body
Laughing and crying
and saying
Oh my God, that’s what he meant
as they chewed and chewed
as they squeezed their way closer to the core

Now we rise
Shoots from our Holy Mother
following in the way
of the Tree

Follow the way
of the Tree



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