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How goes the battle? — GoT Logion 16

breathe in + breathe out


logion 16

Some of you are thinking perhaps
that I have come into the cosmos
to bring it peace.

You do not yet realize that I have come
to throw it into utter chaos
through burning, blade and battle.

Five will be living in one household.
Three will face off against two,
and two against three.
Parents will rise up against children,
and children against their parents,
until at last they shall stand united
on their own feet.


Reflection: We get this. We are living this.

Not now. Not yet.
Maybe a taste here and there. A glimpse.
But the process — our process of becoming who we are -
is still playing out.
And it’s a difficult one.
It’s painful.

It’s fire that purifies. The blade that cuts away.
The battle that transforms.

As we bring 2020 to a close, and as we begin 2021,

the fires smolder. They smolder on Lake Street and in our hearts.
A legacy of racialized trauma,
of white-body supremacy,
a house divided.
Burning until hidden fears and pains are revealed in the glow.
Until false pride is alchemized into humility.
Until inherent worth is re-membered
and honored.

The blades cut.
They cut down trees in northern Minnesota
to make room for an oil pipeline,
and they cut away within us,
as we seek to free ourselves from the false comfort
of consumerism, from complacency and
a relegation of our power to misguided corporations.
Until the knife’s edge — restraint -
severs from us the delusion of never enough
and reveals — at our core — the simple abundance of together.

The battle rages.
Warring sides blasting one another with blame.
Constant strategizing and maneuvering.
Carefully keeping enemies. A convenience
when one or ones fear taking responsibility for one’s self.
Until, bloodied and bruised, we find ourselves
in one another’s wounds.

Disarm the bombs. Plant gardens.
Set beautiful tables.
Eat together.

Be nourished. Until we find the strength to stand.

This is our work — not to seek some cozy existence at another’s expense. Not to fester in anger or be smothered with despair. No. We are to give ourselves to the fire. We are to sever away distraction. We are to fight bravely until the ego self is slain.
We are to fall into Love. Here is the ground from which we find the strength and stability to stand.

Peace and breath and the power of together as we continue the work


Lynn Bauman’s translation and commentary are the primary source for these Gospel of Thomas reflections.

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