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In the world I saw chaos, so… Day 31 of 40 Days of Listening

Day 31 — In the world I saw chaos, so…

In the world I saw chaos, so I sought to turn it around.
But the world wasn’t working right, and so it spiraled down.
What was happening? I stopped, sat, and let it be.
The world was just fine — this chaos was in me.

I sought to help others, but it was me who suffered more.
From another, who came and left chaos at my door.
They too, had tried their best to foster my way through.
But at the time, I was fine — the world created me anew.

In the world I saw fury roar, but now I stayed quite still.
All the people needed then, was a space for chaos to fill.
Until it unwound and became clear again, I’d listen as it rose.
And slowly music formed itself — nature’s sound composed.

Years passed before a friend requested my humble advice.
She’d been confused at my acceptance; our world was in strife.
We’d grown apart over new changes so I decided to say goodbye.
So I said it clear, here’s my acceptance and this is the reason why:

“I love myself, so myself I keep. I love you too, so I set you free.”

And with that, the day settled, and the world was within me.

– “Chaos Theory” by Nemo Sundry

Nemo, aka Jack, shared this poem at our recent digital gathering. We’ll be hosting regular digital community gatherings on Sundays until it is safe to meet in person again. Gatherings are a mix of stories, poetry, songs, and community check-ins. We have plans to incorporate more interact-at-home elements as well.

We create these gatherings together because we are community together. If you have a story or poem or other element or idea to explore in a gathering, please let Mike know. You can message or email him.



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