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Introducing “25 Days Waiting Still”

Today is the first day of Advent
and here we are
Waiting Still

It’s been a long pandemic
Been a long time since we’ve gathered

There are longings in me
These hopes I hold
for our becoming
for my becoming

Gentleness and patience in my relationships
A returning to the land
Something beyond justice


I catch glimpses of these
in my behavior
in the news
in conversations with you

but the light they cast
seems so quickly snuffed out
And I’m getting tired of scraping flint
Aren’t you?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, they say
but running and running
with no recovery
no time for direction
and we keep ending up where we began
We burn out and collapse

The creation waits
with eager longing
for the revealing
of the children of the Creator

It’s time
The nights have become long
The pulse of the trees has slowed
and the ground sleeps
We ought to remember their wisdom
and follow their lead

That even as Earth longs for the revealing
of us
Earth still rests when
it is time to rest

We, again, have been gifted with darkness
Thank you Moon, stars and Sun
We have this time to go inward
To slow down our minds
and tend to our hearts

Night’s silence
is a time for healing
and for dreams

Holy Night, teach us how to

Give us the courage
we need
to rest

quiet our anxious minds
so we might make room
for sacred Visions
daily bread, clean Water
and wisdom
The When and Where
of our next step
through this Wilderness
On our way

This Advent and Christmastime we’ll be sharing 25 meditations to aid us in Waiting Still. It is a time of honoring the Darkness, of giving room for grief, of rest and receiving vision. We hope you’ll make room in your day to sit with these words, to breathe and settle.

If you would like to contribute a reflection, poem or practice, please let Mike know. We can shape these reflections and this time together.

Lastly, this is an initial sketch from Cody Mathis for our 25 Days Waiting Still.

We’ll get started on Wednesday, December 1.



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