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It is time we tend to masculinity’s roots — poetry for father’s day and patriarchy’s demise

Masculinity has a core of clarity,
which does not act from anger or greed
or sensuality, and a husk, which does.
The virile center that listens within
takes pleasure in obeying that truth.
Nobility of spirit,
the spontaneous energy of your life,
comes as you abandon other motives
and move only when you feel the majesty
that commands and is the delight of the self.
Remember Ayaz crushing the king’s pearl!

- Jelaluddin Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks)

Rumi said
Masculinity has a core and a husk
from which it moves or is moved

The husk call it “fruity”
and that’s, in part, why
it’s time to grieve
to cry
to shed tears
for the shallow-rooted
flaky and impotent
the way it’s driven
to all the man-made corners
of a round Earth
by a bunch of hot air

It’s time to Open up


the streams of the Eye
tear ducts
dropping grace
on these dry shells of a Man
Water soaking dead skins
Compost to feed hungry roots

Masculinity’s “core of clarity”
the fruit, both soft and firm,
carries seeds


Husks only return to dust

Men + masculine ones
tend to your roots
Listen to
and care for your wounds


Have courage
A curiosity and imagination
that carries you beyond
the noise of husks in the wind
their empty laughter
and poorly disguised insecurities
Dare to remember
your ancient calling

Grow in wonder and Desire
Who is the Man you are becoming?
What are you here to create and protect?

The warrior who has healed
from his wound
wields a weapon of true power
Love’s Whisper

Men + Masculine Ones
It’s time to tend to our roots
Grow deeper
to bear fruit



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