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leaf blower god | poetry inspired by Gospel of Thomas logion 103

breathe in + breathe out


logion 103

Blessed are those
who are aware of the approach
of thieves — who know when
and where they will enter
even before they appear,
for then they can arise
and prepare by gathering
their sovereignty about them,
binding to themselves
that which was there
from the beginning.


this regime’s portrait
of god
I cranked the leaf blower
full blast
and started shooting
boxelder bugs
off our south-facing
exterior wall

Beige vinyl
Orange and black bugs

There was no malice
just a boyish curiosity

I guess that makes me
a different kind of god

That kind of openness
isn’t available
to gods
who see red
who only work with integers
and are always trying
to balance books
with official looking covers
Only, there’s no ink in the pen
and the papers all wet


Blow me away
Blow it all to bits

and the asteroid
that wasn’t heading our way
til we built an asteroid deflector

Toro! Toro!

the storm surge’ll
wipe us all out
and, still, the words
that mad accountant’s book
could never contain
will reverb
off the gibbous moon

It is so very good

Makes me smile
Makes me wanna
crawl up the siding
with my boxelder siblings

and grateful



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