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little tastes of eternity | GoT logion 84

breathe in + breathe out


logion 84

When you see your own likeness
projected into time, it makes you happy.
But when the time comes that you are able
to look upon the icon of your own being,
which came into existence at the beginning,
and neither dies nor has been fully revealed,
will you be able to stand it?


I’ve caught glimpses of you

Your light
bursting through running shoes
and a down vest
glowing with the angels’

In the side mirror
of a car I don’t remember
driving down HWY 36
Sacred tears on peach cheeks

Heard you in a song
vibrating this solar plexus
biking down the hill
where Larpenteur becomes Hennepin

The last time I saw you
You placed an egg in my hands
and I swallowed it whole

All of these showings
A moment

One or two lasted 30 seconds
maybe even a minute

but I still taste their eternity

It’s hard to imagine
sitting at that table
for aeons
but I know that’s what I want

In the meantime
I’ll keep sneaking bites when I can
and I’ll gladly lie at the feet
of those already feasting
waiting for their scraps to fall
Until one of them lifts me up
so gently under my arm
and shows me my chair

Winding down Intertwine
& Mike launching new channels

Beloveds, Happy Easter! Spring is here!
Now that we have finished our 40 Day journey together, I will begin phasing out use of Intertwine’s web and social media channels (as mentioned in previous communications).

I’d love to continue journeying together, including exploring these Gospel of Thomas logions, sharing other poems and practices, and inviting folx to informal gatherings around campfires. I will be soon launching new social media channels to share content and continue in community.

As we make this transition, I invite your support via my Patreon page. There I share audio recordings of poetry and other content and listening opportunities.

Thanks for all the love and support we’ve gotten to share together to this moment. I’m looking forward to how our love gets to evolve moving forward.

peace, breath, and gratitude



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