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Mattress delivery but no rest | GoT logion 86

breathe in + breathe out


logion 68

Foxes have dens and birds have nests,
but the son of humanity has no place
to lay his head and rest.


Oh, we got a real nice place to lay our heads
Well, some of us do
Sad thing is, most of the I’s who can say this
can’t find rest

We can get mattresses
delivered to our doorsteps
and we wonder at their unfolding
Not realizing
we’re the ones trapped
in boxes and bags
All the Breath sucked out

The Lakota saw the design of the first tipi
in a cottonwood leaf
I imagine their pillows were buffalo hide
or the arm of a lover
or daddy’s shoulder

I imagine them
deeply rooted in place
even if the places
changed with the seasons

These lands weren’t settled in Jesus’ name
Jesus wouldn’t have settled for that

But I wonder now
if She’d speak her truth
of fox dens and birds’ nests
another way

I wonder if She’d call us
to find the place we’re called
to root
for a long season
til we learn to see
til we heal and start making things right
to stay until, together, we find true rest

I am a Black-Headed Gull
humbly learning to live
with Sister-Brother Crow

I assume responsibility for my healing
This is how I am responsible to my siblings
This is how we, collectively, find rest



We gather around questions not answers. We are made of and moved by story, always in process, committed to compassion, and seeking simplicity together. Based in Northeast Minneapolis.

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