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Maybe that’s enlightenment | Day 31 | keep going inward

Maybe that’s enlightenment | Day Thirty-One | Keep Going Inward

I know there’s speculation
Maybe Mary Magdalene
and Jesus were lovers
Maybe they had kids

I’ve read Zorba the Greek
ten times
but never
The Last Temptation of Christ
Saw the film though
Dafoe & Keitel

Makes me wonder
how the dream
would’ve played out

You know, I’d really like to hear
from the mystic who was raising
a couple, two, three kids
Funny, but I can’t think of one

Some might say Luther
but he seems to have
stalled out along the way
Maybe he was sleep deprived
or he got tired of telling his son
to pick up his one toy
Or maybe his daughter’s sass factor
broke his breakthrough about grace
Whatever it was
he kinda comes off a grump
ironically bound up in judgment

No stone casting here though
I’ve been tired and grumpy
much of the day

I think it’s the King James version
“Suffer the little children”
That’s what Jesus said
but they didn’t wake him up
three times every night
(It was the “grown ups” who did that)

the more I think and write about this
the more I realize I could
just stop complaining

I could just close my eyes
and say
Up please

Or I could just keep throwing this tantrum
until I’m on the carpet
sweaty and asleep
And then God’d pick me up
Lay me on the bed
Cover me with my He-Man sheets
and kiss my forehead

Maybe that’s enlightenment…

hey, really, it doesn’t have to get that bad

You do you, and invest in the community where you’re at. And hopefully some of the stuff I’m writing and sharing and inviting folks to can help you do that even better.

I welcome your support


p.s., lmk if you want to try my time machine sometime



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