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“Reclaim your magic” by Jessiclaire Wolf | 40+8 Day Thirty-Five

breathe in | breathe out



Why are you here?


A poem from Jessiclaire Wolf

Reclaim your magic
Every bit of it
Show up
Show up entirely, darling
You will lose people
The people who want you to numb down your feelings
Or adjust to their preconceived ideas of perfection
Know those places will be filled with brighter things
It may take some time
But you will attract back the same energy you put into the world
Put down anything halfhearted
Stay open, live fully, love completely
You’re too spectacular to be anything less than all of your most beautiful self


Logion 28

Yeshua says,

I stood to my feet in the midst of the cosmos,
appearing outwardly in flesh.
I discovered that all were drunk
and none were thirsty,
and my soul ached
for the children of humanity.
For their hearts are blind
and they cannot see from within.
They have come into the cosmos empty,
and they are leaving it empty.

At the moment you are inebriated,
but free from the effects of wine,
you too may turn and stand.




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