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Resting into gift economy — 40+8 Day Twenty-one

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What’s the bigger story I’m not seeing,
and how do I heal so that I can contribute
to the healing of others?


Logion 26

You detect a speck
in your brother’s eye,
but you fail to perceive
the beam sticking out of your own.

Remove the timber from your eye,
and you will see clearly enough
to extract the speck lodged
in the eye of your brother.


Another name for the plank
in America’s eye is Never Enough.
Our entire economy is born and driven
by this story of scarcity.
So are so many of our lives.

What relief and allure
can be heard, then, in the words
of Robin Wall Kimmerer,
professor, Potawatomi, & author of Braiding Sweetgrass,
as she wonders about the gift economy.

*Consider listening to or reading
Kimmerer’s beautiful essay with Emergence Magazine
over the weekend.

An economy of gift has a currency
of gratitude and reciprocity.
This is an economy of Enough
— even abundance.

Gratitude and reciprocity or scarcity.
How are you seeing the world?
Which story are you choosing to live?

Scarcity is tunnel vision.
You’re always looking for the next
to fill an assumed empty.
The anxiety of this way narrows what you see,
and it makes scarcity the real story of your life.

Gratitude and reciprocity, on the other hand,
widen our vision.
They allow us to take in the whole story.
They allow us to see and experience
the Enough of community
— earth and people -
that surround and fill us.
In this economy, the Never Enough lumber
becomes the fuel for the village’s feast.

Sharing and joy and care.

This is the story I want to live.
This is the way I want to see the world.

We will have to rest and heal and share and delight
ourselves into this beautiful alternative
— into the way the earth actually works -
— abundance -
into the way of gift.

We can start today.

Make room for rest.
Settle your body and allow
the story of never enough
to fall from your eyes.

Soften your gaze, and let the whole enter in.
Give yourself to the wonder of what is.
Abundance, all around.

May Enough transform us into gift,
and may we give ourselves in love to one another.



Offer a gift to another this weekend.
Let it be a gift that carries story.
Not just an exchange of stuff.
An investment in connection -
in relationship!

Give creatively and full of care.
And pay attention to how
moving in this way of gift makes you feel.




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