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Snow on Black Bill of Trumpeter Swan — Day 24 of Simplicity

(Photo credit: Trumpeter Swan by Jeanette Mayo)

Day Twenty-four — Wonder — 25 Days of Simplicity


The snow will fall

with the temperatures

Flakes of river returning

to river

Bodies returning

to bodies




A flurry of becoming

The pieces of my

Self Our self

coming together

taking primordial shape

Snowflake stardust singularity

One river


evaporating condensing



Flow + Fall Melt in Love’s welcome

I want to fall


on the black bill of a trumpeter swan

to melt in her nares

and burst into awareness through her trachea

The horn blast

Love’s welcome mixed with



riding sound waves through rivers

of sky

twisting through cottonwood and oak

There is no tally taking here on this river of wind

No resentment

No impossibly complex calculus

The mind’s constant computation

Here is enough

Here is rest

Let go Fall Melt

and let love carry you


The particles of me

- the particles of us -

that remain on her lores

will plunge

into the dark water

Will mix with waters flowing

from manoomin beds

over rock, smallmouth scales, mussel shell


Merry Christmas

the swan sings announcing the Now

Water break

Love be born in us

And flow from our beings

Like the Mighty Mississippi

Like a blizzard of care

Snowflakes dancing to the pulse of Earth’s enough

Like stardust in Saturn ring

and Jupiter storm

The time is ripe
Answer the call

Birth God today

Peace and breath and Merry Christmas



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