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Sorry, I’m busy | GoT logion 64

breathe in + breathe out


logion 64

A man was throwing a dinner party
and when everything was prepared,
he sent his servant out to call the guests.

The servant went to the first and said,
“My master invites you.” But he replied,
“I have set aside some funds for merchants
who are coming this evening,
and I will be placing orders. I beg
to be excused from dinner.”

So he went to the second and said,
“My master has invited you.” But he said,
“I have bought a house which requires
a day of my time. I am too busy to come.”

He went to another and said to him,
“My master invites you now.”
He replied to the servant, “My friend
is getting married and I am to prepare
the wedding banquet. I simply
cannot come. I beg to be excused.”

He went to another and said,
“My master calls you.” In reply he said
to the servant, “I have just bought a farm
and am about to pay taxes. I cannot come.
Please excuse me. I must be off.”

The servant returned to his master and said,
“The ones you invited to the dinner have all
excused themselves.” The master said
to the servant, “Then go to outsiders
and strangers on the roads. Find folk there
and bring them here to eat.”

Those busy buying and selling
cannot get into my Father’s realm.



I’m so tired
and I’m so desperate
for a dinner party

I’m going

Rest is the first course

The main is service
and the sides are dancing

and dessert…

I want to go to the party
I’m going
This is my deepest desire

I’ll breathe deep
and let that desire
excuse all my excuses

See you there!


P.s., Starting on Wednesday, for Advent and Christmastime, we’ll be sharing 25 meditations to aid us in Waiting Still. It is a time of honoring the Darkness, of giving room for grief, of rest and receiving vision. We hope you’ll make room in your day to sit with these words, to breathe and settle.

If you would like to contribute a reflection, poem or practice, please let Mike know. We can shape these reflections and this time together.



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