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Spiritual hitman | poetry inspired by GoT 98

breathe in + breathe out


logion 98

The Father’s realm is like a man
wanting to kill someone powerful
So he draws his sword in his own house
and puts it through the wall
to test whether or not his hand
is actually strong enough.

Then he goes out
and slays the giant.


God, give me wisdom
Teach me where to insert the blade
Spiritual hitman

Help me chop at the knees
the barbarian me
all ripped from decades of juicin’
EGH — ego growth hormone
Fear and distraction

Take me down with one swing
or however many it takes

Make us Davids
and we’ll topple this Goliath
Then we’ll all dance naked before you
Eyes that remember your garden’s goodness
Eyes that see we’ve never left

Thank you, Soul Lover
Thank you, Dirt, Sun and Rain



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