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Take out yr fine china & go camping | poetry inspired by GoT logion 89

Empty empty
Empty out your cup

The Creator didn’t mean
for your elbows
to tighten up
Endlessly polishing
while inside mold
and mildew grow

Tip me over
and pour me out

Send the River through me

Scrape off the bits
that cling to my insides
But let the mud
be the mud
That’s where life grows

I want to be a hollow bone
I want to know the joy of Your service
I want to live in the Garden
I want to be a hollow bone

Friend, what good is a cup
that just sits in a cupboard
collecting the empire’s dust?

Take out your fine china
and go camping with it

Dip your thirsty cup
in Wakpa Tanka
and drink deep
Or pour it over your head
and dance like you’re mad
The rhythmic spasms of a Baptism

Stop feeling sorry for yourself
You’re a Queen
and I’m a King
and Everybody here
just wants to Dance!

Let’s go!
Wake up!



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