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Waves in bathtub water — a love poem

“Waves in bathtub water”

Elk River
St Francis River
Aquifer — deep well
Jazz in speakers
Birds’ songs carried on air
through open window

Red-winged blackbird
when you take a bath
the waves your heart and breath
hold a higher frequency than mine

in the tub
up the stairs
Sunlight through the clouds through the window

Waves created by this heart
these breaths
Water dancing

May you be well, Water
May you carry the aspirations
and intentions
the stories and the gentling


Carry this rhythm
this memory
back to the Mississippi

She carries so much
Thank you, Mississippi

My prayer is that the water
I return
would be soaked with blessing

That this body
would increasingly move
with powerful and discerning filter

That curse from first, third or fourth generation
would be metabolized

That fears would be felt
and moved through
That Fear’s dismantling of molecules
be reversed
Be recreated
created anew
as wisdom and care and presence


The waste
transformed by divine fire in my guts
my loins


That blessing
That blessing
That blessing

would spill over
spill out
Sweat and kiss spit
holy water on hyssop
Dew drops from Water Horehound

Blessing Blessing Blessing…

Love to the thousandth

Heartbeat in the Water
Wind from blackbird’s red wings
on your cheek

I love you



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