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We were 10k over the poverty line | GoT Logion 54

breathe in + breathe out


logion 54

You poor are blessed
for the realm of heaven
is already yours.


The year our daughter was born
we received our health insurance on the state’s dime.
With student loans and a mortgage,
our taxable income was 31k.
We were 10k above the poverty line.

Poverty is something I know nothing
and some things about.

I remember, that year, being afraid
or stressed, or getting into tense
Afraid because money.
Stressed because we believed we needed more.
Tense because
we didn’t spend a lot of time
being grateful for the Enough we had.

We were not poor,
but we, more often than not, believed the story
that said we were.

This is the kind of poor
that cannot see the Queendom
And especially within

Looking back
We see it
Looking around
we’re more apt
to share it

Earlier this summer,
the church denomination
I was raised and ordained in
the Intertwine community we’re growing
didn’t fit neatly enough
into its categories,
and a few people with power
to terminate the church’s
relationship with us.

This was a heart-breaking decision
in that it confirmed for me
the lack of vision and imagination
where it’s needed most
— amidst our institutional leaders and “decision makers.”
For so long I hoped
would fill my church’s lungs.
But it seems a few dualisms
are actually more true than not.
Big resurrections
require big deaths.
(May the end come swiftly.
May you begin again well.)

The church was a significant
financial partner in our work, and
with this severing of relationship
came a severance package
which comes to an end
at the end of the month.

It’d be tempting to return to old
insecure stories,
but it seems
maybe we ought to leave them
behind — let them remain in the trenches
our institutions (religious and otherwise)
have dug and can’t seem
to climb out from.

My family will have to draw on
seven years* of wisdom
seven years* of community
seven years* of enough
as we transition into a different
financial reality.
We’ll do well
to practice Queendom vision
regardless of paychecks.
And Intertwine, as community
and as individuals,
will continue
where we each are today
and in a near future
around tables
— early Autumn’s abundance -
to Breathe
and wonder…

What’s next
can only be
more and more of the same


power in together,
gratitude and reciprocity,
A harvest from relationships
and creativity
handled with care

And a preparing
of next season’s garden

Oh, Great Mystery
Oh, Loving Mother
Thank you
You are Rain and Seed and Soil
You are Rest

We are Enough
We will have Enough

*and a lifetime



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