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Why are you here? — 40+8 | Day Thirty

breathe in | breathe out



Why are you here?


Logion 28

Yeshua says,

I stood to my feet in the midst of the cosmos,
appearing outwardly in flesh.
I discovered that all were drunk
and none were thirsty,
and my soul ached
for the children of humanity.
For their hearts are blind
and they cannot see from within.
They have come into the cosmos empty,
and they are leaving it empty.

At the moment you are inebriated,
but free from the effects of wine,
you too may turn and stand.



The Chauvin trial.
Line 3 tar sands oil
through Anishinaabe treaty territory
and across so much of our vulnerable fresh water.
The second mass shooting in less than a week.

My soul aches…
Their hearts are blind
and they cannot see from within…

Friends, it is time to awaken.
It’s time to draw up cleansing Water
from deep roots, to stand tall,
and to become who we are
destined to be
and who we’ve always been.

It’s time to turn.
It’s time to move beyond
stuck, numb and hungover.
It’s time to sober up and become!

Wake up! Stand up!

The world is longing for
that Divine particularity of you
to be made manifest
through your spiritual awakening
and your expression of
loving and creative service.

There is another saying attributed to
Yeshua (aka Jesus) that echoes this call.
“Truly I tell you, if you believe,
even greater things than these
you will accomplish.”

The world is hungry for
“even greater things”
right now.

Who are you, and why are you here?
What great things will become through you
as you come into the Divine fullness of you?

Why are you here?

Become it.

Photo by Alex Walker



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