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You Can’t Taste This — GoT Logion 17

breathe in + breathe out


logion 17

What your own eyes cannot see,
your human ears do not hear,
your physical hands cannot touch,
and what is inconceivable
to the human mind -
that I will give to you!


Reflection: Have you been paying more attention to your sense of taste these days? This COVID thing has me saying thank you every time I recognize mint in my mouthwash or delicious in my coffee.

It also has me creating realities in my body that don’t really exist — these psychosomatic symptoms of an anxious mind. Is my throat sore? I think it is…

While fear might have me creating and inhabiting all kinds of unreal realities, the Guide in these wisdom sayings is offering access to an imperceivable realm that is more true and more real than any my five senses or rational mind might contrive.

There is more to the world than meets the five senses.
There is more to the world than “modern man’s” irrational and self-obsessed rationalism.

That which is inconceivable… I will give you!

It’s a new year. We have this symbolic opportunity for new beginning. It must be said, this opportunity for new beginning doesn’t have to wait 365 days, or 4 years, or for a generation, or epoch, etc. It’s available to us with each new moment. But here we are at a new year, all the same.

Might this be the year — the moment — we open ourselves to Spirit? To Mystery? To Love?

What if we open ourselves to Other knowing, allowing ourselves to move beyond what our five senses perceive or rational minds conceive? What if we move into a place of receiving? What if we consent to be led and initiated on a Journey?

It has been said in many ways throughout our species history: we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Are you making room to listen to Spirit? Are you open to receive?

Let’s be about this good work of receiving, together. Let’s connect to our deeper story.

The Guide spoke in Logion 1, “Whoever grasps their meaning will not know the taste of death.”

May we open ourselves
to receive what is beyond our perception.
May we consent to Mystery, to Wonder.
And from this place of curiosity and acceptance,
may the illusions of fear, separation and scarcity
give way to the sweet taste of Love on our tongues.


Lynn Bauman’s translation and commentary are the primary source for these Gospel of Thomas reflections.




We gather around questions not answers. We are made of and moved by story, always in process, committed to compassion, and seeking simplicity together. Based in Northeast Minneapolis.

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