Wait, why?

Interviews are rarely considered to be thought-provoking or insightful. Especially early on, the questions are routine and seek to establish a baseline. I find myself telling a familiar story, over and over again. And that’s fine. The interviewer doesn’t have context into who I am, so telling the story of my career is critical for developing a sort of mock shared history.

Very, very briefly, I’m a startup founder and, most recently, VP of Product at Mira. I’ve been an engineer, manager, CEO, PM, and a whole host of other things as a consequence of being a founder at almost every company at which I’ve worked. I’m currently interviewing for Product and Engineering leadership positions, and care deeply about communication and craft.

And in those interviewing for those positions, occasionally the questions stand out for me. So I’ve decided to capture them.

I’ve spruced up my improvised answered a bit, mostly for more accurate quotes and references. But the answer in each case is approximately how I answered in the interview, albeit probably with more brevity.