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Best ways to get better at Data Structures and Algorithms

Some tips and tricks which I used to get an easy understanding of Data Structures and algorithms

Brief Introduction

Data Structures and Algorithms are important aspects of computer sciences. These lay the foundation for any software/application. ”DSA”, this term has been a fear for most of the students including me. But once you read this article, you will have a better vision of how to understand “DSA“.

Note: This is not a roadmap to be followed. Every individual has his/her way of learning.

My approach

According to me the simple trick of understanding DSA is by linking every data structure with a real-life example and also the important factor is the resources so if you have the right resources you can easily understand DSA.

I am sharing my resources which helped me.


Resources are most important when you are studying something. So here is a list of the platforms and resources which helped me to understand DSA better. Just explore them and if you want you can follow them as well.

  1. Leetcode: Although most people across the globe know leetcode for practicing DSA problems, only a few know that leetcode is also good for learning DSA. I used leetcode not only for practicing problem-solving but also for understanding various data structures such as linked lists, trees, graphs, stacks, and queues. Leetcode has a very unique style of teaching DSA. So once you read about the data structure that you want to learn, the platform will make you write and understand the implementation of that data structure.

2. AlgoExpert: This platform has similar questions as in leetcode, but the platform gives you a variety to solve questions. The platform also has a dsa crash course which I would say is the best since these videos are very informative and the content that is available there is not on other websites. The best feature is the interview with a friend feature. So as to boost your confidence. I used algoexpert for getting a theoretical understanding of DSA and also it has some different questions to practice plus it also provides video explanations of the solution as well.

3. Interviews: This is a GitHub repo that has some awesome resources and solutions to leetcode problems. Whenever I got stuck or I am not able to understand a solution I would refer to this repo.

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