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Yangshun Tay is Updating his Coding Interview Resources

He is a Meta software engineer and author of some really popular free resources, like Blind75 and “The 30-Minute Guide”


This is going to be a really short post, so short that I question whether InterviewNoodle will accept it…but I just received a personal email from Yangshun Tay! He is the author of “The 30-minute Guide,” which is the best blog post on coding interview preparation I have ever seen. To add to the confusion a little bit, it was not in response to this blog but to something I had written on FreeCodeCamp under my real name.

Here is what he had to say:

Why it Matters

These are free resources curated and produced by an accomplished and well-known software engineer at Meta. Even some of the best interview preparation material on Medium is paywall blocked. He did not even paywall block his viral 30-minute guide post.

What he has provided is comprehensive, well-formatted, and addresses some of the shortcomings of other free resources developers have built, things that have tons and tons of content but do not lay it out in the impressive/easy-to-navigate way that paid resources do.

Full disclosure: I have not exactly worked through these yet. I think I had seen the resource before, but did not realize it had its own UI layout. has always impressed me because it is:

  • Easy to navigate. Unlike your run-of-the-mill GitHub interview preparation resource, it reads like a Kindle book in the best possible way
  • Immersive. If you want to do a coding exercise, you get your own window to run it on Educative itself. If you are working through a Docker tutorial, you run your containers in their sandbox
  • All-in-one. You can stay there and learn everything without having to open 15 tabs

Is this a free resource that matches Educative? Not quite, but it is sure as hell the closest thing I have ever seen.

Not everyone has $20 a month to shell out for Educative, just as not everyone has $6000 to shell out for InterviewKickstart. This is for every college student, every ambitious aspiring developer, every enthusiastic child who wants to see if programming is right for them. This is free education at its best.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, “Repeat code with LeetCode” will continue. I was getting pretty bored of that, thought about how many blogs focus solely on software engineer interviews, then realized it’s actually a really broad topic. So I was going to write about negotiations, THEN go off the rails and write about what Better Call Saul teaches us about software engineering (tl;dr nothing, I just really want to watch it), then get back into a few problems I had been saving…including a frontend interview I have yet to work through on

But yeah. Jeez. Hearing from him was surreal.



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