An Informal Conversation with Alejandro Cartegena — From Photography to Urbanism

Source: Rights reserved by Alejandro Cartagena

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Alejandro Cartegena, the popular urban photographer who is reputed around the world for his projects on urbanism. Looking at his work featured on the GEO Magazine, I was impressed and contacted him. He not only takes amazing photographs but is also very friendly and pleasant to speak with.




Thejas Jagannath’s publication on interviews and articles on Public Spaces. Here you will find a collection of my interviews and articles related to public art, cities, public spaces and placemaking. You can contact me on the Twitter handle @thejas009.

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Thejas Jagannath

Thejas Jagannath

I am a humanities graduate. I also write about life tips and human nature. I have completed a Masters in NZ. I like cities, coffee and books!

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