Bringing People Together Through Interactive Artworks: An Interview With Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein, Appearing Rooms, 2004 Courtesy: KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, London, Tokyo, 303 GALLERY, New York, and Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen

Jeppe Hein has produced many experiential artworks. He bases his artworks on interactive and community oriented features. Hein is a famous artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen, who has produced artworks that have been showcased around the world. For instance, appearing rooms which is a water fountain at The South Bank Centre, London has become…




Thejas Jagannath’s publication on interviews and articles on Public Spaces. Here you will find a collection of my interviews and articles related to public art, cities, public spaces and placemaking. You can contact me on the Twitter handle @thejas009.

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Thejas Jagannath

Thejas Jagannath

I am a humanities graduate. I also write about life tips and human nature. I have completed a Masters in NZ. I like cities, coffee and books!

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