I’m interviewing myself, and he’s an arsehole

Introducing my personal UX Design and Tech blog.

It’s an idea I had a while ago: start a blog where each post is structured like an interview and the interviewer (in bold) is an arsehole.

This is a shit idea
Well you would say that: you’re designed to be someone who doesn’t want to be here.

You‘re never going to want to listen to me, but that’s the point: it’s going to make me have to work harder, with what I write, to keep you interested.

Why are you doing this?
I think the format could be interesting. It’s an experiment and I’ll measure its success by the number of hits and comments the interviews receive.

Why should anyone read anything else you write?
Well, my plan is to make you so rude that it keeps people interested, but hopefully my perspective will be useful too.

Arrogant. What makes you think you’ll be so insightful?
I’m only 30, but I’ve done a bunch of stuff: I’ve got a Chemical Physics degree and an MA Interactive Media — that’s pretty rare. I’ve worked at the BBC, freelanced at Google and started a digital design agency. More recently we’ve launched a product and now I’m writing these interviews.

No one cares…
I’m just introducing myself to help people find common ground. It might seed some comments.

“Comments”? You’d be lucky.

What are you subjecting me to in the next interview?
Not sure. The “should UX designers code?” is a topic I could talk about.

f*ck off.