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In 2016 Intexglobal Company founded in Turkey, created our own crypto currency intexcoin and other payment options and now aims to make our own sustainable projects. We opened our first office in Asia in 2017 in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. We are working to open our first European office in Malta.

Our Goal; To build a new eco system based on community power, trust and social benefit creation and to ensure Intexcoin is valuable and seen as a reliable currency used all over the world. With this appraisal, in a cumulative increase, we are aiming to provide more and more life support for those in need.

Throughout history, all commodities that represent money and value were produced and controlled by a central authority. But thanks to blockchain technology, ordinary people produced their own money for the first time without any intervention. This is an incredible opportunity and a great source of inspiration for our bright future. A new world is being built with Blockchain and we are working to be one of the founders of this new world. Together with the opportunities offered by Blockchain, we have started to implement our projects in a structure that is sustainable and open to development by bringing together trade and assistance in the blockchain infrastructure aimed to use at Intexcoin.

All of our projects are building on blockchain. Our Base Operations and Projects will come to life using our crypto money intexcoin, our payment system Intexpay, our trade portal Intexplace and our direct donation system, intexcharity. We are honored to present our projects in this direction.


“You can participate in these big projects. Join us now.”

Intexglobal is a company that focuses its organization and development on the benefits of humanity . Intexglobal will spend all its income after the capital and costs required for the continuation and development of the company to continue the existing projects and to collaborate with new projects in order to rebuild a livable world. In line with its objectives, we started to take the first steps and established the main backbone by designing a new eco system for the problems that need to be solved importantly and rapidly.

Intexglobal’s revenue model and sustainability;

Intexglobal is a technology company. Our company earns its revenue from its projects. Some of the rental income, advertising revenues and commission fees arising from the use of the service provided with Intexplace, and some of the commission fees to be generated by intexpay are the revenues of our company. The service fee, advertising income and commission fees associated with the use of the service provided with Intexplace and the transaction fees generated by our payment system Intexplace are part of our company’s revenue. Depending on the size of the investment after the ICO, most of the intexcoin in the stock will provide capital support as needed. In addition to the existing experience and technical capacity, the company aims to make new collaborations in the production of products and services with the profits from all these activities. Intexglobal will retain part of its earnings as capital for all company’s cost and future objectives and projects. The remaining portion of these earnings will be transferred to the areas needed through intexcharity in an increasing rate depending on the sustainability and profitability of our projects. All of these activities are structured in a transparent and traceable structure.

What is Intexcoin ?

‘’We are building the currency of our future from today.’’

Intexcoin is a crypto money created using the Ethereum ERC20 infrastructure. Intexcoin is the main and unifying element of all projects of intexglobal. Intexglobal will support Intexcoin with new projects as well as existing projects for the sustainability and continuity of Intexcoin.

It is the only crypto money that a user can both trade and earn, in the form of profit by helping others while gaining profits. It is also an investment tool that will provide profit to its investors. Intexcoin is the only currency that provides benefits for mankind everywhere. It is a crypto currency where all users can keep the ecosystem alive for economic freedom and sustainable life. With all these processes, it needs the support of the community to raise its value and sustainability.

‘’Intexcoin will be one of the most respected and valuable crypto currencies of the future. Join the future with this great potential. Together we are stronger and closer to success. ‘’


Humanity has made great progress and advanced a lot until today. However, along with the development, it has produced and continues to produce big problems that are almost impossible to solve. Now humanity risks not only its own descendants, it also risks life itself. Mankind is leading towards the end of many species, destruction of nature, and deterioration of life cycle itself. With the common belief of almost everyone and the common diagnosis of scientists, we see that we are about to come to an end, and we are looking at this situation with concern. Climate change, extinction species, wars, energy and clean water problem, nutrition and agricultural problem, technological development (robotics, autonomous and artificial intelligence) unemployment and social problems awaits a solution in the middle of these crisis. from this point of view, the situation is quite grave. When we look at these problems and their areas with their relationship and causality with each other, we come to the point where we have a reason named money and it is destructive effects.

Although Money is actually shown as the main source of all evil, the problem is not the money itself. The problem is the ambition of having the profit and power fed by unsustainable resource waste and consumption spree, and the pursuit of this ambition by humanity. As known, the titular money (dollar, euro, lira) is produced under the control of the governments.

The economic size of the world is about 300 trillion dollars. This figure is enough for 8 billion people and for even more and beyond. But sadly this is not the case for now. While half of the world’s economic size is in the hands of 1% of the people , the remaining half is in the hands of 99% of the people. This distorted distribution constantly causes global crisis and causes war and regional problems. This is an unsustainable effect for our world and it will always cause problems in the future. Depending on many factors without entering into details, money is transformed into regional, national inequalities and a great means of exploitation as a function of general economic relations.

The ruling powers made the world uninhabitable with money. People are now living under the bondage of money, they have lost their freedom and theirselves. This situation also brings crime and social outbursts. This main problem needs a quick and fair solution. To contribute to the solution of this problem, Intexglobal works for all of us, the right, fair and fulfilled humanity. The solution to the problem of all of us will be with the contributions of all of us again.


Intexcharity ‘’ ( Direct Donation Platform ) ‘’ is a platform that creates new solutions for donations, free of problems such as lack of trust in traditional donation methods and the inability of donors to see exactly where their donations go. Intexcharity is based on the Ethereum Blockchain Infrastructure and can be viewed by anyone who wants to monitor all the donation movements on Intexcharity.

Direct Donation Platform

At the end of your shopping on the Intexcoin E-Commerce platform or at the the vending machines and acceptance points using Intexpay, the transaction fees generated at the end of your shopping are transferred directly to the Intexcharity donation platform without any interruption, and the donations accumulated on the platform at the end of the day are sent to all intexcoin wristbands.

Wristband users are able to shop at the vending machines or acceptance points with the intexcoin’s accumulated in their wristbands. But the transaction fees arising from this transaction are also transferred to the donation platform and this cycle continues.

Help reaches individuals with Intexcharity Wristbands

These wristbands are NFC-enabled special wristbands equipped with a unique ID numbers distributed directly to those in need at our Intexcharity Direct Donation Platform. These wristbands are automatically activated when given to a person in need. A part of the donation collected from the Intexcharity Direct Donation Platform is transferred at the end of the day. Donations can be collected at a maximum value will be determined in the wristbads and expenditure can be made up to this determined amount. When the amount of donation transferred to the wristband reaches the determined maximum value, the donations transferred to that wristband are stopped. A portion of the transaction fee incurred with the wristbands are transferred back to the Intexcharity Donate Platform. This loop continues as long as the wristbands continue to be used, thus contributing to the donation platform.

Wristbands with donations can be tracked via Intexcharity Platform when they do any shopping. Within a transparent structure all transactions can be viewed on the platform.


Intexplace opened in May 2016. Just like alibaba, eBay, gittigidiyor and n11, it is the first portal using c2c infrastructure and using secure trading with crypto money .

Currently there are over 400 stores and thousands of products on our platform. It is also the first virtual trading portal in which Intexcoin is used. In the future, there will be an e-commerce portal on Intexplace, which can be used with a number of different currencies by adding some reliable crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and other payment methods.

Users who will sell the product ; First of all, they must be an Intexplace member. They can rent their virtual stores by choosing the time (1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months) they want to trade. Their trade starts after their payment confirmation. After the confirmation of membership, they can open their virtual stores using their name and logo. All data related to the product they sell, images and cargo information, all data related to delivery and their goods must be established in full description. For now, they can only sell with Intexcoin. They will be able to freely choose which currency they will sell in the future or how much rate they will use crypto coins in proportion. This will continue to be the first and only feature in the field with the new features to be gained.

Users who will buy the product ; They can freely browse the portal before shopping. If they want to do shopping, they must become a member of Intexplace. Then, they can select their products or services by using the search engine on Intexplace, browsing the stores, placing them in their baskets and paying with Intexcoin. With many crypto money and state money we plan to add in the future, we will attract large audiences to intexplace.

After the payment of the product or service is made by the buyer, the seller completes the selling process. After the product or service is delivered to the user by the seller, the buyer receives the order from the seller and gives his approval in the system. After the approval process, pending payments in the payment pool are automatically transferred to the seller account by cutting the commission.

Part of the transaction fee arising from purchases made on the Intexplace is transferred directly to the charity that the seller has chosen, and some of the fee are sent directly to those in need as a donation via our Intexcharity platform. In addition, vendors and buyers on the intexplace will be able to donate to a charity or to the Intexcharity Direct Donation pool if they wish. Intexplace is not only a trading portal but also an important part of a large and sustainable donation system.


Let your shopping become a donation! Intexpay is a mobile payment method that allows you to use your shopping habits in a beneficial way for the community.

Intexpay is a contactless and cashless mobile payment solution using the most well-known cryptographic currencies that are known including intexcoin. Intexpay is a payment tool that aims to be the payment tool of all sectors in parallel with the development process of crypto currencies. Intexpay is designed to be flexible and secure.

Intexpay has been developed in a structure that will provide funds to help activities and projects through crypto money. A part of the processing fee of your payment with Intexpay is transferred to those in need via Intexcharity fund. With Intexpay, you help people who are in need directly with each expenditure you make.

Öne Çıkan Özellikler

Hızlı ve Güvenli — Akıllı Kontrat
Ödemeleriniz ve transferleriniz yeni nesi teknolojiler ile korunmaktadır. Zaman ve limit sınırı olmaksızın alışveriş ve transferlerinizde kullanabilirsiniz.

Şeffaflık — İncelenebilir yapı
Intexpay ile yapmış olduğunuz alışveriş sonucunda bağışa giden işlem ücretleri portal üzerinden takip edebilirsiniz.

Otomatik Bağış — İyilik için tüketim
Intexpay ile yaptığınız her alışveriş sonrasında oluşan işlem ücretlerinin bir kısmı bağış olarak yardıma muhtaç insanlara doğrudan gönderilir.


The roles of charity and donations always vary from country to country. The cultural structure of societies, socio-economic levels, social welfare state, state models and taxation rules are the most important factors in this differentiation.

Individual Donation and Philanthropy

According to a survey conducted in 2015 in Europe, The total amount of donations from donators in Europe is ; 24,4 Billion Euro , in USA it is 229 Billion Dollars and in Turkey it is 1,30 Billion Euro’s. Among the primary reasons for Europeans to make donations are social welfare, international aid and religious factors. Although it varies from country to country, these three factors enable people to choose which institution to donate.

When we look at the gross domestic expenditure of the donations made by the adult population, the USA has a rate of 1.5%, whereas in European countries this rate is 0.2%. In Turkey it remains at 0.06%. It is noteworthy that Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands, whose GDP is higher than other European countries, are at the end of the list. Although the adult population of donors is high in these countries, the rate of donation is at a low rate on their GDP. The most important reason for this is that the social inequality in these countries is considerably less than any other countries. As a result, more social inequality in a country or region and having more people with vulnerabilities can be said to be one of the most important factors that increase social solidarity.

There are around 100.000 foundations in the USA. The Europe has close to 130,000 employees in the public interest areas at their countries and there are 3,320 total foundations in Turkey.

According to the research of the United Nations, there are more than 100 million homeless people around the world. According to these data, one in every 60 people in the world has got no place to live.

In the world, the total retail sale in 2017 is $ 23 trillion. E-commerce expenditures covers 10% of total sales. Global mobile trade sales rose 40.3% year-on-year, while total retail spending rose 6.0% to $ 1.357 trillion. Major mobile spending markets include China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. It helped consumers to make more comfortable purchases on their smartphones, and in some regions, with a wider selection of low-cost products such as clothing that encourages impulse buying.


We are now starting our projects we have been continuing since 2016 to the world and taking our first steps to make them global. The ICO will provide the financial support and the community support that we need to implement our projects in the future. We will use the ICO as a tool to maintain all activities and projects related to the development of charity , trade and with the use of our payment system we aim to make assistances to the community, and to contribute to the community.

Anyone who wishes before and after the ICO can invest in the projects and may have intexcoin. With this way, Intexcoin will massively become the main infrastructure of all projects. We aim to take our place in the global crypto money markets and Coinmarketcap after ICO.

Intexcoin ICO isn’t just a crypto money supply. We aim for a great and sustainable solution for our humanity and life. The ICO will offer us the possibility of massive recognition and growth. We’re going to grow our system that’s already working and alive. This growth will profit our investors while providing benefits to our community projects. For all these reasons together we will do this ICO.

We are waiting for your valuable contributions and we believe that we can build a new life together.

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