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Nov 12, 2018 · 4 min read

Artificial intelligence is considered the most important technological development for the future of humanity and Attracts Great Attention.

The concept of ‘’ Artificial Intelligence ”, which has been connected to our minds for a long time from movies, TV series and many other channels, has started to make it’s name more popular by the recent practices and developments. While the world continues to change in this direction, the states and global companies that want to capture this wave of new era are making big investments and taking huge steps on these technologies.

Artificial intelligence is growing its usage in many areas of our live’s such as automotive, banking, education, security and health technologies.

In general, digital neural networks called artificial intelligence, are able to imitate the human brain and it’s functions . Although it is not in it’s full ‘’hundred percent’’ implementation capacity just like our brain for now, It is possible to mention it has many advantages as well as it’s disadvantages coming with it’s usage.

The Project Developer of many important technology companies and also the founder of Turkey’s first crypto currency knowns as Intexcoin’s Erdoğan Köse gived his insights on Artificial Intelligence ;

‘’ There are two technologies to build the future of humanity: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. These two technologies have been developing rapidly for a long time. Blockchain solved the problem of trust , and artificial intelligence eliminated the need for human intelligence. The development of new ideas based on coding in these two technologies started the opening of new business areas and began to destroy many existing professions already. As the technology developed, the world became smaller and easier to understand and started to turn faster. The information we reach everyday is increasing with an upward momentum from 100 years ago to the present day. What I mean can be understood when you look back at the areas of development and evolution of Industry 4.0, big data, dark factories, space technologies, military technologies, communications, transportation, finance, health, education and security.

We will no longer need a training to drive and get a licence , The cars , trains, planes and ships will move autonomously thanks to artificial intelligence. This is the case for many professional areas and applications and also professions . We adapt to these very fast. Because we’re being bombarded with information, there’s so much we’ve learned unconsciously. What should we do when a new world is set up right next to us , despite us standing idle while is it being built ?

Where will we be standing while micro technologies, software artificial intelligence and other professions are developing rapidly ? ,

Are we going to be just an user and a consumer or are we going to be the ones that fulfill the requirements of this world and become producers and visionaries ?

We’ve already started to live in a world we can’t even imagine yesterday. It is very important for the next generation of our country to take these steps into account and begin to learn. The support from our families and our investors will help us determine the place of our next generation and youth in this upcoming new are of our world.

With all the facts I have mentioned, we have established Intexglobal to be one of the playmakers by saying why not? And began to take our place in the changing world.

As our first project, we made Intexcoin which is the first crypto currency of our country. As Intexglobal, we aim to make Intexcoin to be one of the most important currencies of the world by supporting with the projects we have planned and developed , while at the same time, we aimed to make it a safe payment system.

Also, States, Goverments, Companies and people no longer oppose these technologies and they are taking their first steps in order to take place in this changing world. Let’s take a look at the other side of the medallion , Artificial intelligence technology can bring great usage and ease to humanity and but also it has the potential to bring and end to our humanity. Robots produced with artificial intelligence technology can play chess, write novels and even make music and painting in addition to being used in many sectors and professions.

In addition to these developments , two recently developed chat robots, which produced by Facebook recently closed down because they started to communicate and create a language in a way that only they could understand.

It seems that these technologies can be very dangerous for humanity unless they are used and developed properly. This should always be kept in mind while we advance throught this new era of creating Artifial Intelligence.


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