Learning Russian Week 3

Ok, Ilya thinks I have progressed from age 3 level Russian to age 6.

I have finally begun to see a pattern in the Russian language. This is most evident in my ability to grasp the pronunciation of certain letters when reading words. I still have a long way to go, but everyday I am spending about 3 hours between audio lessons at Russian Made Easy, the language applications Babbel and Duolingo, and general conversation with Ilya (my friend). I have also been conversing with Ekaterina (my cousin) daily, where I practice Russian and she practices English.

Simple phrases and questions

Note: I wrote these phrases and questions using the Russian keyboard and the alphabet in my notebook. I slowly pronounced out the words and searched for the correct letters to spell them.


Здравствуйте (zdravstvuyte) — Hello (Greeting when you first meet someone)

менй зовут (menya zovut)— My name is

как вас зовут (kak vos zovut)— What is your name?


Я хочу кушать ( YA khochu kushat)— I want to eat

Я уже в кафе (YA uzhe v kafe)— I am already in the cafe

Уто здесь (chto zdes)— what is there?

Я будет борщ (YA budet borshch)— I will have the borscht

Я уже ем (YA uzhe yem)— I am already eating

Я ем все (YA yem vse)— I eat everything

Хочешь кофе (Khochesh kofe)— Want coffee?

да пожалуйста (Da pozhaluysta)— Yes please

Я будет хлеб (YA budet khleb)— I will have bread

Я будет пищщу (YA budet pitstsu)— I want pizza

Нет Я будет суп (Net,YA budet sup) — No I want soup

Спасибо (spasibo) — Thank you

I will continue to document this journey by writing about it here and eventually, producing a short film. My father, brother Dimitri, and friend Ilie, will be going to Belarus at the end of June to meet for the first time, our long lost family.

Until the next post, thank you for reading.