A look at some of the amazing business people who are proud to call themselves adult.

May 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Pandora/Blake is one of those people you meet along your journey who catches you off guard, equal parts warm and comforting and equal parts just a little bit unnerving. It is only unnerving because the moment you start talking, it becomes obvious that the knowledge and the emotional intelligence possessed by Pandora/Blake is far beyond that of most of mere mortals. That said there is an instant connection that puts you at ease and allows you to learn and explore.

Pandora/Blake plays dual roles; educator activist and creator of dreams.

Tell us a little about how you got started in adult?

P/B: I got started via glamour and fetish modelling. I’d loved watching kinky porn myself and was envious of the performers in the videos I watched. My first glamour photoshoot was for ATK Natural & Hairy — I spent three months growing out my body hair! My first video shoot was for English Spankers who I have since worked with many times. When I got started I loved travelling on my own and staying in hotels — it felt like an awfully big adventure!

Favourite aspect of the industry?

P/B: My favourite aspect of the industry is the community and comradeship. My sex working siblings are the best people I could ever hope to meet: fierce, fabulous, smart, independent, creative and political — I ❤ my porn family.

Settle in for a nice cup of tea with Pandora/Blake and tell them all your dreams.

Biggest myth about the industry you would like to dispel?

P/B: It’s hard to believe this still needs saying, but we can and do consent to do this work freely. I know some so-called feminists still do believe that all porn sex is rape. Erasing our consent and agency like that is not only infantilising, it makes it harder for us to fix any problems that do arise, because if our work is seen as always awful and exploitative, there’s no way to differentiate between good and bad experiences. In my twelve years in the industry I’ve had a couple of negative experiences, and hundreds of positive ones. We are adults, we choose this work because it works for us, and personally I find it empowering and freedom-enhancing.

Favourite performer and/or favourite site and why?

P/B: Oh my gosh, I have so many porn crushes! I’m super into Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble from QueerPorn.tv (@QueerPornTV) who I was very lucky to shoot with recently, and I have the hots for Disco Titts, Rooster and Dion Di Rossi from the Sluts4Sluts collective. I’m also a regular subscriber of PinkLabel.tv (@PinkLabelTV), and I support Four Chambers on Patreon. All these sites offer hot queer porn made by people who are really enjoying themselves.

With tea finished, it is best you relax and enjoy (it will hurt less that way…)

What do you think the biggest benefit of crypto for adult is?

P/B: Sex is so stigmatised by the payments industry. So much creative, sex-positive, celebratory work is thwarted by companies making it as hard as possible to accept payments for adult transactions online. Cryptocurrency offers a way around our current dependence on centralised financial institutions, and tokens like intimate will make it more accessible and easy to use. I’m excited to start accepting intimate on my site Dreams of Spanking!

Check the Pandora/Blake blog which contains a wealth of incredibly insightful information.
Additionally, Pandora/Blake runs the delightful ‘Dreams of Spanking’

Pandora/Blakes twitter accounts
@pandorablake @mxpanblake @dreamofspanking

Instagram: @pandorablake @dreamsofspanking

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intimate is a cryptocurrency focussed on delivering payments, trust and reputation to the adult industry in the face of institutional and societal bias.


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Intimate provides the Adult Industry with the same trust and security other industries take for granted.



intimate is a cryptocurrency focussed on delivering payments, trust and reputation to the adult industry in the face of institutional and societal bias.

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