Mar 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Blockchain technology has been a huge driving force in changing how several industries operate, by providing added security, transparency and an immutable trust mechanism to remove the need for trusted intermediaries to validate transactions. Not a trend to blow over, this new digital technology opens doors far wider than most can anticipate.

Perhaps not the two you would immediately put together, but Blockchain technology and the adult industry are joining forces, and if past cases are to go by, the two are set to break boundaries and make the adult industry safer and more inclusive than ever before.

So, how does this new technology provide the adult industry with a safer, fairer and trusted environment? This isn’t the first time that ‘the world’s oldest profession’ has adapted to shifts in social values and technological advancements, while continuing to flourish and evolve.

Looking back, you’ll find that advances in technology have been led by pioneers in the adult industry. For example, the rise in adoption of the good old VHS, the internet and Virtual Reality headsets. Through these, the adult industry has not only empowered individuals to realise and celebrate who they are, but also provided these new technologies and learnings to other industries to adapt and evolve themselves.

While we are shifting towards minimising stigmas associated with the adult industry around the world, there are still barriers:

  1. Heavy stigma still exists and remains the underlying issue causing many of the problems in the adult industry.
  2. There is a very real issue of safety, because there is no secure and reliable trust mechanism between consumers and workers.
  3. Moral bias forces the industry to ‘act’ under the radar, when there is potential to operate as sound businesses.
  4. This moral bias has led to a homogenisation of the sex industry which fails to make a distinction between legitimate businesses and illegal activities such as human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  5. Adult content platforms and retailers of pleasure products are forced to pass-on high fees to the consumer, due to banks routinely charging exorbitant rates to the industry. This then results in the workforce receiving less of a cut.
  6. Companies and individuals find it difficult to access products and services with traditional banks, are barred access to payment processing services and struggle to secure financial investment.

Because of all these ongoing barriers, the ultimate challenge for all involved in the adult industry is TRUST, or lack thereof, as the consumer’s desire to transact privately is counterintuitive to workers requiring identity disclosure in order to assess a client’s reputation.

Imagine feeling constantly unsafe in your workplace, owning a thriving business but being denied standard banking services, not being remunerated and treated fairly, having a constant grey cloud hanging over you carrying the word ‘stigma’ everytime you go to work?

These barriers can be lifted through the right use of Blockchain technology. is striving to empower, balance and champion the adult industry, by being a secure, safe and trusted gatekeeper. Learn more about the barriers the adult industry faces, and how is aiming to solve these issues

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intimate is a cryptocurrency focussed on delivering payments, trust and reputation to the adult industry in the face of institutional and societal bias.

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Intimate provides the Adult Industry with the same trust and security other industries take for granted.



intimate is a cryptocurrency focussed on delivering payments, trust and reputation to the adult industry in the face of institutional and societal bias.

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