The start of Xpirit Belgium

Pieter Gheysens
Nov 5, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m excited to announce a new important chapter in my professional career.

As from November 2018, I will be running Xpirit Belgium, a new IT Consulting & Training company which will focus on becoming a trusted advisor of companies wanting to solve their IT problems in DevOps, Cloud Architecture, Mobile Development and Cloud Powered Intelligence. Xpirit Belgium will be an independent company, partnering with Xpirit in the Netherlands ( which has built a remarkable brand in the last couple of years with an exceptional team of various technology experts, deeply engaged in the Microsoft community. Xpirit has been awarded Microsoft DevOps Partner of 2018.

Starting my own private business 9 years ago (Sparkles) has been an interesting one-man show where I could focus on my passion for Application Lifecycle Management. I had the opportunity to tackle different challenges at many customers to find a way to increase developer productivity and to enable a collaboration platform for different stakeholders in the software development process. It has been an amazing ride so far, but the last period with additional spikes in the on-site consultancy workload, convinced me to look for a more scalable solution to help customers in various ways.

With the official start of Xpirit Belgium I’m proud for being part of a highly motivated international team which shares the passion for technology and knowledge transfer.

In the next couple of months, all new business will need to be initiated via Xpirit Belgium and I will be happy to assist you as a trusted advisor for solving your current and future issues, not only for DevOps but also for Cloud Architecture, Mobile Development and Cloud Powered Intelligence. I’m confident that our solid team of true experts are ready for this new adventure.

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